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  1. Why do few specific countries get the same amount of mcoins using lower amount of money? This is quite unfair. I request this to change. Those who get the same amount of mcoins with lower amount of money than some players who purchase at higher amount of money come to ruin the market. Please fix this as soon as possible. Players in all countries should get fair treatment from the payment system.
  2. Don't accept flu's offer gi!!!! :spiteful: :drinks:
  3. Confusing Topic!!!!! :tease:
  4. Well.... I don't think that you're the only ws player in Nepal. Nepal is gigantic, right? So, I think that there are many players in Nepal who you don't know. Don't worry too much about that. Developers might solve this tiny problem for Nepal players and other countries' players that weren't available to buy mcoins with sms payment! :)
  5. Painwarrior

    Praise god

    However, some skilled rogues can use stealth like 2 to 3 times to win against bds. :drinks: :dirol:
  6. Some Indo like Vanestize and Gomugomuno can't use sms payment to buy mcoins, but some of them such as Ztomorrowz and Dekorosto are available to use it. I wonder why............... :fool:
  7. A hot girl, eh? :blush: :give_rose:
  8. GERMANY? A very distant country from my country!!! Well...... I wonder if Germany has snow for penguins like u guys ;D
  9. Hopzz, are you a girl??? :shok: I've never known it:!
  10. Different countries..... :'( I'd love to join u guys too!!!! Cheer!!!! hehehe :lol: :drinks:
  11. Many guilds' emblems i could see!!! :yahoo: :drinks:
  12. Well.... I'm a newbie here bro!!! May u tell me how to put images on the signatures? :lol: :blush: :drinks:
  13. Noob? hehehe!!! :lol: Thanks for your advice, Sexy!!! :good: :blush:
  14. What are you guys talking about? :wacko: I don't understand!!! :lol: hehehe
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