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  1. At pvp area me, zero,n Zug .. :friends:
  2. Lol keep posting lol ;D
  3. Cool damge on arena obvioulsy kern n mymelody were out matched on that one arena battle :drinks:
  4. looneybins

    Fun topic...

    What does karma help .... its not like its real life karma lol
  5. All i can say is awsome great music great video.. i liked it alot :friends:
  6. looneybins

    i quit

    One more thing i have to tell u kim ....after all those good deals i gave u u still ripped me off n sold me bg gear at 150k i didnt appreciate that... no hard feelings i just had to get that off my chest..so i would say i was more of a freind to u then u were to me... :drinks:
  7. Who needs friends lol... its not like u ever farm or ever did so if u dont have freinds it shounldt matter :facepalm: all u ever do is pvp n talk how much liquor u drink lmao
  8. Lol cool ....but one time isnt enough... elfs should always kill gankers n not have to wait on killing them for revenge ...if elf kill gankers always there wont be a need for revenge... also cool screen shots 8)
  9. looneybins

    lfg katt

    sorry if im that late but i dont read forum everday also i have a life...besides this game
  10. Lol ..potters... everyone is entitled to use pots were ever n when ever they want.. the same way your entitled to go to town 1 camp gasphel an gank noobs all day ... Nameing playeers who kill from pots wont get u revenge... just be prepared to use your pots too .. ::)
  11. Sad to here u got scammed but theres numerous scamners in warspear sadly ..but it dosent mean u should quit restart rebuild ...learn from your mistake.. but if this game took away your LIFE MAYBE U SHOULD SHOULD BUDGET YOUR GAME PLAY TIME .....GOOD LUCK
  12. My leveling up process seems like forever lol...but im doing ok you can say..lvl15-16
  13. looneybins

    lfg katt

    I can help on kratt if im not questing on dailys... an if u have finished already thats great pm me in game ...an if your trying on mc side for kratt good luck but ....i kill on sight
  14. Hey just dropping in to say today n as most of the pass days... ive just been lvling up.. :friends:
  15. Good luck to all who are entering this tournament :drinks:
  16. Baskentli n kaworu .... arguing... omg :facepalm: both good players in my eyes really cant comment ..cant we all just get along :friends:
  17. Hopefully devs/ support helps you... welcone back n have fun :drinks:
  18. looneybins


    Yea all i can say is if you are trading /selling it is aginst rules... so be carefull devs wont be so anxious to help u if you claim these transactions which are illegal in warspear... so be carefull is my advice :friends:
  19. OMG :facepalm: i been seeing alot of these so called goodbye im quiting topics ....but no one is really quiting i still see all those in game who so called claim there quiting :facepalm: but if you are goodbye bro
  20. i dont think theres a need for a gank list its not like ..elfs ever try to stop it an .... i think everyone knos who is an who is not a ganker ...but i really dont have a prob cuz i consider pvp cave a gank cave ...lol. thats y i. rarly even go. there to pvp or whatever u want to call it.. If mc really wanted that cave for pvp they would pvp not gank ...but mc enjoy ganking n pvp cave is a cover up name for elfs to get ganked lmao... this is just my opionion...
  21. alot of players look like there quiting ...but are they really quiting c'mon... :facepalm: ....i dont think so :dirol:
  22. lvling up to lvl 17. .......ill be busy for a while :( with dailys for like 2 weeks
  23. imy last day as lvl 14 so i wanted to put my rank on the record i will miss old arena buddies first two are for 5v5 11-14 an last two are for 2v211-14 :drinks:
  24. if devs do add clan system or guild system hopefully they do add larger partys for clan vs clan arena but also for farming to not just arena :dirol:
  25. hopefully im online to be there 8)
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