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  1. Dude, no new skill build, now it sucks. Shaman got biggest nerfed 5x5 radius --> 3x3 plus reduced time of earthquake. Go delete it now!
  2. Dear Snorlax and team. Please becareful to determine the winner, the dangerous key is about COPYRIGHT of the existed games, most of them took from internet, they just copied and added some texts, so they didn't do hard work. The only posters with hard work is like: * nagur's posters * Posters with no copyright of the original game shown like changing the face or any item to cencor from the original game * Some meme pictures maybe allowed since they could modify it with very hard work and made it better than original. Please becareful, and especialy they compared with real another games without any cencors. Thx
  3. Good but i think snorlax and other team will think about copyright of the game, if you copy them from another game, i'm not sure it would be clear.
  4. By comparing with real other game "Dragon Ball" (uncencored) so it is maybe out of rule. You shouldn't show the real dragon ball, i like warspear but i like dragon ball too, so i disagree with this, sorry.
  5. Don't worry, if you are elves, they might listen
  6. Don't be happy! Ranger can kit you and make you with 0 damage result.
  7. Stealth combo never be critical hit since many players using resillience gears.
  8. lol in surviving druid has more defensive when caught by melee, with heal and barskin the druid can survive longer than warlock. You must cry when warlock die in a sec caused of hamstring
  9. Nope, developers only listen elves crying. Before, they never listened mc complains. Now im joining elves side and already deleted my noob mc char.
  10. Yes legionn ranger! Let's cry
  11. An angel Myth coming. Rogue with lucky critical is just a good moment to show rogue attacking non-resilience player. You all forgot about resillience players even with high critical the rogue never do critical on high resillience especialy on lv17 arena gears. So at same resillience rogue are weak most the time.
  12. Yea, like your suggestion about monster entagling root, druid needs stun skill like warlock 5x5 radius AOE full stun or damage like mage with larger 5x5 radius, thats fair for Mc punishment, in 2x2 arena druid can't handle two enemy at once but shaman can control them easily
  13. Go quit rogue now! For what canceling stealth?????? Tell me! Canceling stealth it means suicide!!!!!!!
  14. Look at kimimaro's suggestion and other cried elves, they also want druid has AOE skill, you call me idiot its same you call it to cried elves too
  15. Too many crying elves, and i feel compassion on them, so we should cry and ask candy
  16. Thats why i need more improvement for ranger, please make ranger able to put multi trap at once with 3x bigger size of trap to balance circle. (Ignore defense mode)
  17. Mage has 5x5 radius damage and the damage is bigger than earthquake, but i want druid has AOE like the mage with 2x stone shatters for balance class
  18. Crap forum. Too many elves pretending to be Mc.
  19. If you are ranger, they will listen you and fix the bug soon as possible, but unfortunetely, developers are elves lovers, so the serious bug will be fixed later when v3.5 released. What is the point for canceling stealth? "well i use to cancel stealth for suicide"
  20. This is unfair, why shaman and warlock have AOE stun and damage, why druid not? Please give druid mega stun to all enemy with 5x5 radius, and make earthquake caused with no damage, with stun only. Only firstborn has no AOE skills, at least make ranger can put multi trap with 3x normal size of trap. This is really unfair we elves always got stunned and die. Since BD has no shield equipment, so please make BD can do 10xDOT hamstring for balance that barbar can drain 50% HP in 1 charge. I think you are half-hearted to weaken Mc cuz they are still OP OP OP OP like pvprange said.
  21. You are wrong, beside druid has more astral they has 4% more moon attack. Rogue can't avoid trap in following attack (close combat) its like warlock putting circle when melee attacking him in close combat On same high resillience, both (ranger and rogue) can't do critical but ranger is still able to deal +2K damage in a few hit with blessing, 2K damage means not in instant but number+number+number+number+number in 1 hit a row.
  22. After mountain clan got the most nerfed skills, let's cry again to make druid has AOE skill like shaman/warlock/mage. Don't worry developers will listen and give you favour, since i left mountain clan, i support you to make this game die with hero legend of elves at the end of game.
  23. balinor

    About Evasion :)

    Don't worry cried elves, developers will listen you all, they will make evasion same with dodge skill of rogue, after you can kill player just 1 sec you will never see dodge in your head cuz the enemy already dead
  24. Do you think ranger can't use resillience too? So noob you are.
  25. Here i tell you about this game, if you are beginner playing this game, i'd like to suggest you to choose Firstborn or Chosen, why? Here i explain. Firstborn has 3 class: Bladedancer, ranger, and druid, they are much better than Mountain clan for now, why? Mountain clan classes got many nerfed skills now really sucks and no more interesting. PVP: Bladedancer is the strongest melee in game, without shield they can kill clothes user just 1 hit hamstring. Bladedancer vs Barbarian, high amplified barbarian lost against average amplified Bladedancer, why? Becuase bladedancer can use hamstring so easily without problem with short cooldown too and barbarian has difficulty to charge melee in close combat, even once charge its cooldown too long and can't use for the second charge cuz you already died. Bladedancer can make your damage drasticaly low and Bladedancer can make their damage 3x with hamstring. Example: on same normal dps Bladedancer: 250, barbarian: 250 With hamstring + SAP your dps becomes 150 dps Bladedancer attacks you with 250 + (3x150)= 700 dps. Thats why Bladedancer can't be compared to other melee class. Ranger Ranger is the most overpowered in range class type, why? Without any armors, they can kill everyone just 1 sec with high amplified of bow, just amplified your bow, no need tactic, no need stun, just stand and shooting player just 1 sec blessing, especialy killing clothes users. Ranger vs Rogue Ranger has trap skill to detect rogue with improved trap, so the hero is ranger. Gouge of rogue got nerfed and new cancel stealth for suicide is the best way for giving up, means when ranger is untouchable, just click 2x stealth to cancel it then give your head to him. Druid vs rogue, Even you are lv10 druid, you can kit lv20 rogue easily, just use god mode: root - atk - bee - run - root do repeat. There is many things about how unbalanced class and firstborn with always better class. You can do leveling up so fast becuase all quests on elves side is easier than mountain clan, on elves side with more beautiful graphic and bird singing. Druid has more astral than shaman makes druid is king of healer, druid with additional skill (insect swarm) for BOSS makes druid is king of hunter, earthquake of shaman is nothing compared to insect swarm since it got nerfed to be small radius and always resist on BOSS (90% fail), so druid is better, the game creator is n**b never thinking and just listening elves players crying, they make druid with higher heal than shaman because they think bladedancer has no shield equipment, they forgot about SAP skill, its like having 2x shield on BOSS thats why bladedancer is best tanker in game. So now, never play mountain clan, beside having hard quests also sucks pvp, many skills got nerfed. Go play elves and look arena rating on 4-6 or 7-10 levels, elves are owning the game.
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