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    Earthquake skill was released since long time ago and no one complained about it but just now the one retarded provokator elves crying and devs listened it, after months even years the earthquake just got big nerfed. This is fail game with unbalanced class and unfairness nerfed. The ranger still do blessing like before, no change effect after Dev nerfed the blessing, this is how GM not only listening elves but always ignored the mc/forsaken complain, right now necromancer got problem with mana but the retarded Devs don't care and they are waiting their beloved elves complain again.
  2. I saw Priest in many mmorpgs that priest has skill like "damage into mana", it means the priest using mana for defense enemy's damage, when enemy attacking priest, the priest's HP won't be reduced but mana will be reduced depends on incoming enemy's damage
  3. Devs will never listen you retarded Mc/forsaken. The Devs are only loving the elves, no doubt.
  4. Symbian can't record any game as video, the only app for symbian to record game is GifTailor but its animated picture with GIF format :bad:
  5. I think video contest will never be added because this is mobile game and very less that players using PC to play, the video contest will be limited by PC users only while mobile users have no choice to do any record unless android users.
  6. Congrats to all winners. It seems that Snorlax and team was listening me about copyright issue, all winners have no copyright issue from another games, great selection snorlax!
  7. You can't write with teority, many necro feeling the same. and you elves always against mc/forsaken complains, this is a bad game ever when one faction isn't supported and falling down to make this game unbalance forever.
  8. *Mountainers obviously can feel that they have higher HP *Elves obviously can feel that they have higher attack But forsaken totally can't feel that they are already given 3 mana regen, its totally crap and bulshit
  9. A: Hi all So a few days ago I created a shirt which featured an ingame screenshot from modern warfare 2. After it sold 2 or 3, it got reviewed then immediately taken down due to copyright issues. The particular screenshot was one I obtained from google. So my question is, is it the fact that its ingame which makes it copyright? Or is it the fact that it wasn't my picture that was the copyright issue? Thanks B: Both. You can't use any part of a video game, including screenshots or anything else. You also can't grab images off the Internet and use them for free unless they expressly grant permission to do so. Then they have to say something like they're granting "royalty-free permission for use on commercial products for resale," or some such. Otherwise, the only way to use an image found online is to pay its creator for it, so you can look on sites that sell images (photographs, etc.) and then look for images with royalty-free commercial use clauses as above. Pay the owner and then you're free to use them...assuming the images are legal in the first place. If the images infringe on someone else's rights, then you're back at square one. But by dealing with reputable, well-known sources, you should be okay.
  10. Hello. Even snorlax didn't include "meme isn't allowed" in the rule sections, but snorlax said in one of thread "this is not meme competition". So about copyright, i doubt it would be allowed.
  11. Good paint, its real full of your creation
  12. Serious, this is the worse game ever when some mc/forsaken players complain but not to be listened, and the funny thing is when elves complain, they listen them and take actions so fast. They are not human maybe, the Game Evilmaster.
  13. This is really unfair that developers only listen elves crying, they took actions so fast when elves crying about OP warlock/shaman but when there is a changing in mana usage, the necro had a big problem, where is the passive skill?????
  14. It helps unservicable-mcoin people on kotarava after dying.
  15. Stop be negative thinking bro, you should know the winners are not come from by how many comments, familiar but in the jury's eyes are the best in creativity. Look! The winner of christmas comic "how i saved chrismas" before announcement he wasn't so popular (less in comment) but in jury's eyes his comic was the best. Remember its not about comment in this competitor contest.
  16. The real talented painter, you got 1st place :)
  18. Tsja is right! 4% damage and 4% health are too much better than 3 mana regeneration, forsaken passive skill is obviously bulshit, i really can not feel that i have 3 extra mana regen, my mana is still less, the priest can burn my mana just by once effective power word, f**k off.
  19. Snorlax must take action about necro, they are very weak after update, all skills required very high mana cost at high level, IT SEEMS NECRO DOESN'T HAVE PASSIVE SKILL. NOTHING SPECIAL ON PASSIVE SKILL IF ALL SKILL TAKES HIGHEST MANA COST. Got 3% of mana regeneration = real bulshit. Prist vs necro = now super duper unbalance. Mc/forsaken got the most nerfed plus hidden nerfed, f**k off.
  20. 1st picture: its from official warspear 2nd picture: its from fantasy 3rd picture: there is a signature of the creator (Copyright)
  21. Well, i can feel how sad as necro got hidden nerfed, again the bastard never care about forsaken, they only listen elves crying. Sure i can feel how weak necro, i always lost the fight in arena if got necro as partner thats why i really hate necro as my partner in arena.
  22. The hidden nerfed for necro, how poor necro can't full heal. Heal reduced HP Shield reduced HP Nothing good about deadly eye in arena since DPS class could kill necro just a few hit So bad necro ever. Oh look! Nighmare takes the biggest mana cost, so weak ever...
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