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  1. The weakness has an advantage. Wish US sapphire would be normal again.
  2. Thank you for your comment. I just told a part of fail skills and need to be fixed not to be OP. :)
  3. Hello, to make this game perfect, i'd like to tell some skill bugs and need improvement. 1. Dark circle, enemy in the middle of dark circle doesn't get stunned, it's not working. 2. Illusory chains, enemy shouldn't be able to use any skills when getting stunned. 3. Charge, make success chance up to 50% but every charge dealing a certain small of damage 4. Gouge, increase radius of yard to be able to stun enemy, it could help rogue in out of stealth to catch enemy when running Others changes 1. More fight satisfaction; increase default HP of every class 2. More skills, every class should have at least 1 AOE skill 3. More fun and challenging; BOSS should be able to use some skills or buffs, not to be monoton but the current normal damage of BOSS reduced because of new skills. I hope this suggestion would improve the game to be perfect. Thanks for reading.
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