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  1. ιŧ røø† ι$ ŧør πø† øπlψ δι$αβlε ŧrøm møυιπĝ, $κιll$ βu† αl$ø ŧør δι$αβlε πørmαl ᆆcκ, $ø røø† $høulδ βε hιĝhlψ rεδucεδ †hε δurα†ιøπ øŧ $κιll. * Uρĝrαδεδ røø† = 4 $εc δurα†ιøπ α† lυ5 (ŧull $†uπ) $ιπĝlε †αrĝε† * Cιrclε = 4 $εc δurα†ιøπ α† lυ5 (ŧull $†uπ) AOE †αrĝε† Whψ røø† πø† ŧør AOE lικε cιrclε? Bεcαu$ε ωαrløcκ ι$π'† hεαlεr ωhιlε δruιδ ι$ ρurε hεαlεr.
  2. At least give us fairness, easier to do chainless league like elfs sides. GM not only listen elfs crying about dark circle but they also made decision to nerf fear too that no one complained about fear yet. This is so damn, if GM is president, you will die by your people!
  3. Dk and rogue is balanced, both good. But when against ranger, the dk and rogue mostly got trapped and making dk or rogue with 0 dmg. F**king ranger!
  4. Spanish prefer playing ranger than his shaman, cuz ranger is the most OP class in game
  5. Warlock is weak againts any healers especialy druid and priest, if warlock get nerfed for the 2nd time, so the developers sure will destroy their own game by just listen one person of retarded elf which wants his ranger to be total OP
  6. The real unbalance class is ranger. Only ranger has infinite mode that can kill everyone just 1 hit (1 sec) especialy on high amped bow, average players have mostly 2K HP but high amped bow hit 400 dps on clothes user. 400 dmg normal + 400 dmg blessing + powershot 700+ dmg, 1 sec ranger can deal over 3K+ while we are mostly having 2K+ HP. So pvprange is the only one who wants ruin the game and trying to make his ranger with god mode, without any armors or naked ranger with high amped can kill clothes user in a sec when enemy got under attack
  8. That was dark shield
  9. earthquake contains dmg cuz shaman is clothes user with no defense, if shaman is like ranger, shaman should wear light armor then :P
  10. and the rich players can level up too fast by always buying quest items xD
  11. Look this, it's from perfect mobile online game (CN) "the ancient ll" that priest able to use additional equip like shield but their 1h staff dealing lower damage than 2h staff
  12. For girls, there are kind of hairstyles like sailormoon, hope it will be added.
  13. Some gamers know a lot about guild system in some mmo with great and perfect guild sytem, how do you expect it when it comes to w.s? Could you tell and imagine how does it work? Any guild depots? Guild rank? Reward? Guild war? Or just noob guild system? Let's see, how developers create new guild and look about the system.
  14. Haha many patheic elves crying about how they can not play mage as well, if you go to RU server, you will see many OP mage and no one compares. Loser!
  15. Haha funny! Gouge already got nerfed (decresed its duration) and you try to make gouge more fail with dodge, parry, block, lol funny funny... Instead of fail gouge there will be extra fail, i doubt all rogue will accept these suggestion, except elves.
  16. You never play some mmorpgs, all skills have same classification and separated by skill type. If you play popular mmo will find stat of armor like this: Reduce sleeping duration by x%, Sleeping resistance by x%. It means the amor has ability to reduce all sleeping skills type, in warspear sure already sleeping skill type like gouge and nightmares.
  17. Yea i mean thread of darkness, sorry i don't play a Dk, sleeping doen't mean can't move, the only can't do anything to the priest, but maybe artimistic is kind of weakening type.
  18. Sorry bloodylips, i see there are some unbalanced about what you suggested. 1. Gouge, the gouge is already worse skill that cause fail sometimes, if you play rogue you will know how it fails and suck, and you try to suggest gouge affected to block, dodge, parry? I dont agree. As i know playing mmorpg, there is many kind of stun and how it works, let me explaining it. Sample clasification of skills *Sleeping type: gouge, nighmare, artimistic *Knocking type: blind, fear, scatter, chain *Stuning type: circle, charge, exh. Of darkness *Immobilizing type: hamstring, fetter, root, earth, trap So with kind of skill type would be different effect to balance all class: 1. Sleeping type may affect to resist by x% depends on resist stat but Developers MUST change it should 100% work not to fail, like gouge still fail untill now. 2. Knocking type may affect to block and dodge by x% 3. Stunning type, you know warlock without stun will die in a sec, but ok it may affect to only block 4. immobilizing type, may affect to dodge, parry and block by x% With clasification of skill type would be balanced, not to single skill you explained.
  19. Another ways to make shamans to be weaker and weaker after got big nerfed?????????????????????????????????????????????????
  20. Perfect guild system from professional mmo 1. Guild reward; include gold, dropped items, guild points/medals 2. Guild war; in new PVP island all players of factions can't attack other factions but when commander inviting another guild commander will be fight mode, name of opponent guild members will be auto changed its color, Guild commander with a crown icon instead of guild name is the only one who able to manage looting/bonus, kicking and inviting. 3. Guild depot/bank; all reward like gold and dropped items will be stored on guild depot, and only commander can manage who can access, taking, storing and limitations. 4. Guild chat; include war info, when guild member in fighting with opponent guild during or after, will show info about war, lost/victory and rewards will be shown on guild chat 5. Guild rank, guild board; new NPC to inform about TOP guild, create guild and guild board is open guild (guild lists) for everyone who wants join without getting invited by commander guild but still need item to join the guild 6. Schedule event; new feature in guild menu by adding schedule event like war approvement, questing etc. I hope warspear will be like this guild system
  21. 3 mana regen as passive skill of forsaken, in fighting mode the forsaken just got 1 mana regen bonus
  22. Really weird that expensive high quality phone like blackberry can not instal 2D game, it seems that symbian is the way better than blackberry then hmmm...
  23. You totally wrong, i saw many times that only ranger can kill the fulled HP necro just 1 hit, now necro can't full heal cuz HP cost comes after got heal
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