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  1. Lvls don't really mean anything bro, the reason u lost that is that there was probaly 4 op rangers and 4 rangers with blessing attack 1 target instant death then they go on to next and next then they win, and they have 4 traps phew.  :facepalm:

  2. Looks like we are getting ignored for now.  :aggressive:


    I think devs are working on it right now and fixing many bugs, kuzmitch posted something about saying they will have stuff fixed on the 28th aka tomorrow  or whatever, he post it in 3.3 release. 8)

  3. I just voted yes, I think having clans and stuff would make this game a lot more fun, devs u guys should focus on a lot of post that people make so u guys could have a lot more ideas on new updates, I know many people on here would love to see stuff like this on new updates 8)

  4. Ya I saw a few people have shots and stuff and gave proof but I also saw a lot of people just say someones name and said he's scammer with no proof and cherry still added, I know that she's doing a lot of hard work doing this and its very helpfull just wanted her to only put names up that people have proof of. 8)

  5. Admins fix this force close I tried everything. Tried clearing all cache, downloaded and deleted like 5 times and try also with wifi still force closes, its your game client that's making this force close please fix this I wanna play, haven't been able to for like 2 weeks now, fix many bugs tomorrow, make the force close your main one to fix. Thank you

  6. I agree flex, cherry can u take most names off that people have posted with no evidence of the scamm. I read through every post on here and most people just said blah blah blah he's a scammer add him and u did and they had no evidence, I know right now that if I posted someones name that wasent a scammer u would add it cherry, can u please try and fix problems like this beautifull :facepalm:


    Sincerely Neromage

  7. I don't know ether I might be wrong but most of the time people accuse people, and the person who has more friends in game and is more popular they go along with him and that dude is overpowered so everyone just says he or she is scammer. I know most people will understand what I'm trying to say but its true. I saw many ppl in trade chat get accused of something they didn't do. :facepalm:

  8. Cherry u got to look at this both ways, most of those names u might of put up there are maybe people getting accused of scamming because the person don't like him or her. U should only put up scammers names if they got screen shots u know the other person who accuses might be lien or might not, but u can't be 100 percent sure he is scammmin or not so, plz try fixing cherry. Many people can be looseing there reputation because of getting accused.  :facepalm:

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