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  1. Still force closes on me, it should be fixed soon snorlax said they will look in to it 8)
  2. Thank u snorlax! :yahoo: Hope to be playing soon then.
  3. I believe that there already working on this. :wacko:
  4. We will answer everything u will need help with 8)
  5. This force close happens on my android, and ipod 4th gen. I would really want to play warspear again please fix snorlax :facepalm:
  6. This game is good how it is if you devs wanna add anything add clans 8), pets would take up a lot of the screen and there probaly would be so much lagg, sorry to say
  7. Wow thanks snorlax, never knew u didn't get a point for posting in tavern. :shok:
  8. Neromage

    Photo Spam

    It won't let me upload pictures :wacko:
  9. Sorry but u can't get your ranger back :facepalm:, your gonna have to start new bro. :crazy:
  10. If u know how to use a mage like me, warlocks are easy to kill. My mage lvl 17 has 348 sun 8)
  11. Lol jake I never thhought u would ask that type of question. 8)
  12. Forum is like a facebook, just have fun and wait. 8)
  13. I see many bds ham a lot of shamans from far distance ik its not lagg because I have really good connection. :facepalm:
  14. Secret bro, ill tell u when I come back and play again. 8) circle will never work if u know this tactic :yahoo:
  15. They can hate all they want but all ik is when I see them on eu ill just cross and kill them :), then they will wonder how I can kill so many mcs at a time, only thing that stops me is the warlock circle but I found a way to get around that 8) 8)
  16. Lol everytime u post something its just a bunch of dotes :facepalm:
  17. Maybe u might be right, but its highly that they would ever delete a post :facepalm:
  18. Neromage

    UnderPowered Mage

    Best mages are me and dadinho, where the only 2 that know how to use mage. I deal almost as much as meggido and she's lvl 20 and I'm lvl 17, once I reach lvl 20, all I got to say is watch out! 8)
  19. Neromage

    UnderPowered Mage

    My mage is only lvl 17 and he has 348 sun and his fire ball crits 1.3k almost and his tele crits 900 and is shadder crit like 750. I think mage is the best class if u know how to use it. They are made for damage, damage dealers! 8)
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