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  1. They already know about the saphire long connection and the force closing, they are workking on it the best they can, should be fix soon. I agree with u mega!
  2. If u play on android its like that because they found bugs, should be fixed soon. Idk about other devices.
  3. There already working on this, should be fixed in a few days.
  4. U know the crossings where u go to diffrent spots in the game like u go to nadir then back out, crossing all u do Is go in and out at the same place while u attack! 8). I think its only good for cp and wifi for fast connection.
  5. I don't think they can make it in 2 days, its devs brake over the weekend I thought? :wacko:
  6. Thanks cross, I forgot a few people. 8) and vanity I never saw u cross yet :wacko:
  7. Don't forget about the force close bro 8). And I wanna know if I can still play warspear on this android its really old one still has 1.6 update. Is this force close because of u guys or is it my phone?
  8. I'm also having force close problems on android! Just chill guys, there already looking into these bugs should be all fixed in a couple of days thank you.
  9. Yes it is beautifull!! :rofl:
  10. 1vs1 arena would be tight they need to install it. :wacko:
  11. Lmao! He don't favor no classes because the classes u named are easy including warlocks, I know how to use mage really good and none of those classes stop me, I have a tactic that warlocks circle won't work on me! 8)
  12. Shutup jay!! :wacko: Just kidding bro. 8)
  13. I talked to snorlaxx last night jake he said they will look into it, should be fixed in a couple of days. :wacko:
  14. On Eu server elf and chosen rule!!! >:D
  15. Before update I amped my lab mage staff to 9 and that made my sun around 340 sun, now I got to amp lvl 17 arena staff to 9, what a waste of amping I did for lab, I agree they made lab staff look noob to lvl 17 arena staff. They also made arena staff almost same as doom, I think right now that the arena lvl 17 staffs are best :facepalm:
  16. I agree bloody, last season of arena I earned wep and all pieces of arena for mage in like a day and a half it was so easy to earn all those points, now its a challenge and I like it when games a challenging. 8)
  17. True knox! But rouge also is good crosser because they have stealth. 8) :wacko:
  18. Snorlax next update the force close and the saphire bug will be gone? :wacko:
  19. Best crosser out of everyone is spanish everyone knows that 8), when I see span best thing I do is try and go in the middle of where I am at, to try to pull him from crossing but he still finds away and kills me lol.
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