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  1. lol for your information, i beat tpain, with rogue. ( Roguekillz ) Also if my ranger vs tpain i beat 4 times in a row. One of the times i had 1k hp left from a previous pvp with Spykiddss and i didnt have regen so i just said ok lets start, and i won with 1k hp. ;) ( Blesskillz )
  2. Good point, also how interesting it is for devs to answer their money trains.
  3. Ill be at pvp cave. :aggressive:
  4. Scammer scum , I bet ur not even marked on the map where u live in America.
  5. HeroSkillz

    I feel bad

    He will never pay back. Idc. All I know now, is his reputation is f****..... Oh Sorry, latest edit, He doesnt have a reputation :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Forgive me for my sillyness. All what he does is talk loads of crap :nea:
  6. Carpet, laserbow=pvprange , he took the 315k then logged to Pvprange.. i tried multiple times to pm him on laser, he ignored me. Then he went and logged on Pvprange. Again i pmed him, still he ignored me.. hope you understand now ;) . As I SAID before DO NOT THINK i posted this to get him banned or im whining about my gold. I just want the People of US-Sapphire to know him for real. A scammer who cant be trusted not even with 1k. Also the 315k is *almost* nothing to me , if I need more gold , not counting coins i would buy later, i could just sell demo 5m +. Again Ty all for your Support , and a Special thanks To my friend Poley,Pliskin and fellow ELF/MC players. Be Careful, ill learn from my mistake, and YOU should too. Never Trust PVPRANGE again. :drinks: Oh and I just Noticed its been MOVED , THANKS ALOT bro Legionn.
  7. Ty all for your support in trying to bring this scammer down. Especially to Chronoz. And Pummy for confirming pvprange's false story. I dont think Devs will do anything. 315k is almost nothing to me.I only posted to show Who Pvprange really is. A scammer.
  8. Lol i never said ur not allowed to post here, all i said was imo , i think it would be better if u gave ur advice to some1 at ur server. Thats all. No need to write long long smart posts. Im grateful for your advice. Its just that im in a bad mood. :sorry:
  9. Thx , but please go back to your server, i think they will appreciate ur advice more than me.
  10. Wow i cant believe this crap ur trying to put on me :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: THE SS SHOWS U TAKING 315k GOLD FROM ME AND LATER IGNORING MY PM's Why the F*** would i give u 1 gold to take ss , u think i give a S*** about u ? All i want from People is to know that ur a scammer. And to know who u really are.
  11. Lol , Please stop making up stories. The scammer here is you. The evidence is here. U callin me a scammer. Go get proof. SS, Video. If u dont have proof then uve got nothing on me. Another Failed Try, and ill make sure to tell Pummy to come and post bout this and well see if he says im a scammer or not :lol: :yahoo:
  12. Lol Pvprange, how did i cancel it ? LOOK in the first SS= INFO:Exchange with Laserbow has been successfully completed. Trying to make up excuses ? Good try.
  13. If you have something good to say then say it. If not, then go lvl up your chars and get some gold in-game, rather than posting irrelevant comments.
  14. Heres More SS of the conversation after he took the gold.
  15. Hello Every1, Im a known and old player, been playing for 3 years. All my chars +8 +9 +10. I had decided to transfer all my gold from elf to mc, and pvprange pmed me. We agreed my 315k elf gold for his 300k mc gold. I gave him the full 315k, and he said go mc, i went mc, he wasnt there. I went back to elf side, and pmed his ranger ( Pvprange ), I said: 'Bro, seriously u gonna scam 300k from a friend?'. And he Pmed Back: ' ;) ' ( smiley face ) then he just kept ignoring my pm's. :facepalm: You may not believe this, but if you want further proof. Ask Poley. One of the most trusted people on our server US-Sapphire. Also yesterday Pvprange scammed another person from our guild, Airball, pm him too if you dont believe this. I will post ScreenShots After this Post.
  16. Uncommon !! My Bro ... THX Good idea xhero... :P
  17. Hi All, Im really not sure what i should amp ... Ranger = bow of endless war ( its +8 atm full great enchant ) + , +10 night prince cbow. OR Druid = +7 baton of endless war ... ( no great enchant ) OR Make a Priest and unbind the staff from druid and amp again... OR Lvl up bd ( its lvl 10 now ) and buy lvl 19/18/17 weapons and amp... Thx for your time :drinks:
  18. Thx Pummy for saying my name :blush: i loved our pvp's , imo ur one of hardest shamans i pvped... And Oracles.. Why dont u mention my name in strongest rangers list ? :diablo: even though in our pvp's ive beat u more than uve beat me :blush: :blush: :blush: Almawade is a cool rogue ... but still ur ghostly stealth no match for Ranger 8) last pvp's we did 3-0 for me .. after that u stopped responding to my signals :facepalm:
  19. 'WAS' in vortex , Now in Legacy , although my elf guild is the same.
  20. My 3rd year in Warspear.. And im still Playing :)
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