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  1. I would think Necromancer least effective, and ranger is most effective.
  2. Lol as if u are a 'Pro' ?? U kissed the floor so many times vs my ranger. Nuff said k? :yahoo:
  3. Link all of ur gears then we can see, just saying that ur number doesnt mean you are. Just Suggesting. ;D
  4. Proof ?? I guess not. Man ur pathetic, All of US-Sapphire know ur a scammer. Pummy,Poley,Pliskin,Putang,Airball,Slrdmg. Need more old pro players to say ur a scammer? Ill make a topic if u want, and call all of them to testify that ur a scammer. :drinks: Need that noob?
  5. HeroSkillz

    Hi :)

    Welcome to Warspear bro. ;)
  6. What he said. Thats just the perfect post.
  7. Hi All ! :yahoo: I just started making videos of my ranger ( Blesskillz ) vs other pro and known players in warspear. Also, arena 2v2. Ive got lots and lots of SS of Blesskillz vs top players on mc + elf. Just put the name of mc/elf and hopefully ill have the SS. And maybe ill try and make a video for each opponent. At the moment, i uploaded my first video. It was Blesskillz VS Snipedownx. And Blesskillz VS Electricz. I would really appreciate your opinion so pls post here, the link is in this topic http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=106349.0 8)
  8. Lol? seriously? Fabricating Stories of me stealing money from my mom? WTF MAN! ... Thats just sad bro. + Listen man... all ur chars are weak as duck. Instead of wasting ur time on forum, go play and get gold. THEN, Come and talk shit on forum.
  9. Seriously? look whos posting on every single forum topic for pvprange. Wake up son. Stop kissing pvp's ass. DONT U GET IT .. NO MCOINS.. :'( Oh and btw instead of goin on forum all day defending pvpshit, why dont u go get some gold for ur bd... it sucks and its weak as duck. Just Suggesting. :good:
  10. Sorry to say this. But your ranger has lost to my ranger, and the final score was 7-1 for me. All recorded. Soon ill upload the video ;) . Latest Edit= Video Uploaded. Go to: http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=106349.0 :drinks: Second video continuing the score will be uploaded soon. :clapping:
  11. Bro i think it would be better if u post arena wins/losses vs known players to make it more interesting ;) . Just Suggesting.
  12. Lol re-update. You remember our last pvp's ;D
  13. Pathetic noob bd, please , its so pathetic how ur going to every thread and defending pvprange. Just UNDERSTAND, no free mcoins for u bro.
  14. Dont worry, u wont get any mcoins to amp ur noob bd.
  15. HeroSkillz


    Righty U Are Poley. Devs dont care bout Pvprange if he scams or not, giving a blind eye TO EVERYONES REQUEST, and ive never bought any accounts. Please Stop creating stories like last time you did with Pummy. It Blew up in ur face when Pummy said your lying. Pathetic.
  16. Lol urdead, who the duck are u ? :wacko: just another noob unknown, stfu and respect us old players, not new fags like pvprange who is a known scammer. +1 Skiney
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