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  1. Where is this lvl 20 bow that has 4 stats... Show me :good: . And ofc damage matters... :facepalm:
  2. Hi all... Ive got both a lvl 19 bow and a lvl 20 bow... They both have 238 dmg +0 ..... Is this a bug or something.. or what? Bow of endless war +0 = 238 dmg Expedition Bow +0 = 238 dmg :facepalm:
  3. Awww bro :( was gonna make more videos of each other..
  4. Welcome to forum! ;D If your playing US-Sapphire server pm me on either mc(mountain clan+forsaken) or elf(chosen+elfs) when u need help with anything. :good: MC= Roguekillz. Elf=Blesskillz.
  5. Why'd u quit Jizz................... :cray: :cray: Come Back! :clapping:
  6. Not gonna say anything bro.. ill just let my video's speak for themselves when i upload a video of me raping Pvprange's fat ass. :blush:
  7. When dont i wait for signal lol? in which pvp, specify please. if it was Mafeorambo, then he signalled b4 i started recording... and if i signalled and started fighting he wouldve said something.. Which costume bro? ive got around 13 , demo ? ice ? troll ? wolf ? steel minotaur? :blush: I really dont need opinions from people like u anyways :unknw: . U think its unique or something cuz ur +0.. really man its stupid.. pathetic if u ask me. Just Saying.
  8. lol so 1 fight proves ur better? + it wasnt 2-0. it was 1-1 or 2-1 i dont remember. And in ur pm's u say race to 10... :bad: I had to go offline and i told u that before we pvped. Ill make a video of our pvp's race to 10 then u can post all the shit u want :drinks:
  9. Heres my first 2 video's of pvp VS +10 elfs. :blush: = Snipedownx. = Mafeorambo.
  10. So what other fights that i won, dont count :cray: :cray: .. Ill pm u later though np.. ;)
  11. Ty bro. ;) But you forgot my rogue, Roguekillz i beat u alot ... :blush: O:-)
  12. Gratz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :drinks: :drinks:
  13. ahahah ya bro but u were 300 or less hp left :blush: Also i was +9 :blush: now +10... ;D
  14. Ur lying lol , it was 5 hits + i was wearing magic def... PLEASE, dont fabricate stories. I dont THINK im better than u. I AM better than u. 8)
  15. HeroSkillz

    hey :)

    Welcome to our Forum Kukii
  16. Also very good idea of 'Rare Jobs'. Thank You so much! :friends:
  17. Wish u all the luck with ur guild :clapping:
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