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  1. Lol myth ur rogue doesn't even stand a chance against any char amp or no amp :bad: .. Skill or no skill.... Ur rogue is weak as ♥♥♥♥ bro. Facts only. And ur talkin shit bout xso? :rofl: He rapes u easy lol :facepalm: Ur list is also kinda ducked missing a lot of pro players... Oracles ,mrxbless ,snipe downx , levanduy... Instead u put players who r barely in pvp cave.
  2. 45 sets from +9 - +10 night prince's arbalest.
  3. Guess i haven't been online much on my rogue :cray: .... My rogue is waaaay better than i think 5-6 ppl on ur list turtle bro :bad:
  4. We pvped, score was 2-0 till now. The deal was first to 3 wins... well its lookin bad for xso :cray: ... 2= Me 0= Xso.
  5. Hehe try my melee, Blesskillz. Ill record our pvp :aggressive:
  6. I make pvp videos on this thread here. +10 players... If u want to make a vid .. PvP me Bro. :blush: Ill record or u can. ;) http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=106349.0
  7. Lies. Ask all of mc and elf. Every1 knows ur scared to pvp me.
  8. Im still tryin to find +9 +10 necro to pvp. When I do, ill record then no need for arguements. :drinks:
  9. :pleasantry: :drinks: :yahoo: I beat mymelody and mrsxmurder in pvp :bad: .. Never pvped Ascetic :(
  10. My rogue has 4025 physical def :bad: Has nothin to do with dmg. Amp +10 swords, easy 600+ dmg.
  11. I have beat pvprange and analyze in pvp. Hardisk was a tough fight we both won and lost. But in the last pvp's Hardisk beat me 5-3 :tease: . Check out my PvP vids. Then tell me what u think :blush: . http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=106349.0
  12. Proving me wrong? :rofl: Necro's are pathetic at pvp... I think they are best at 2v2 arena, farming. Get any necro +8 +9 +10 on Sapphire ill pvp and record the pvp, then upload youtube. Then MAYBE you will be convinced. :facepalm:
  13. Awww That's a shame. Wouldve showed u how easily a necro loses to a ranger.
  14. I am merely answering ladygi, she said necro's ( even +8 ) can beat +10 rangers... if a +7 necro ( thats all i could find at cave ) didnt even stand a chance... Im 99.9% sure a similar fate will happen to a +8 necro... And btw Born, u got a necro u wanna pvp me with? Prove me wrong? :unknw:
  15. I stick to what i said... U can keep sayin funny remarks but not gonna change the fact that necro's arent a really good class for pvp. Here's a lil vid For Giovanna :lol: .. Keep sayin +8 necro's can beat +10 rangers... :facepalm: " Nuff said ".
  16. Only if the ranger is a noob... I beat Pembamsi +9 necro from Vortex.. easily :! Im tellin u.... Necro's are weak.
  17. The issue has been resolved. Ive told tawn and every1 who asked how to get the cbow. Its not bugged. :yahoo:
  18. Lol call a necro +8 - +10. To pvp-cave. US-Sapphire. And pvp my ranger then well see :pleasantry:
  19. Sure. Lemme see a pvp +10 vs +10 ranger. First 5 seconds of fight = Necro's body is on the floor :lol:
  20. Total Joke? :D So ur sayin that necro's king of pvp or something? Or that rangers suck :pleasantry: ? Rangers are one of the best chars for pvp. Can beat any other char if played right. And im Talking from Personal experience :pardon: ;) .
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