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  1. i dont get gold much from this event unlike hallowen, i miss event hallowen xd !!! btw nice work dev, keep good wok :D
  2. just like wht i thought, twice "selected game realm is unavaible" ew, wht actually happen is this hackers do or something ?
  3. standart guild searching member for active daily/lab quest, liquidate eu-emerald (mc-side) :drinks:
  4. when toweer open ?? btw good job dev :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:
  5. moderator plz, long time i dont open my char and i forget my id, but i still remember pass and name hero, can i still have my id back ?? in my forget id have necro its name (vikinecro lv 18) !! help plz :friends: thx
  6. soo ??? what item inside chest (golden,silver,bronze) share with us plz :unknw:
  7. am still waiting for update, it take soo long for ayvondil update :bad:
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