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  1. TibiaME has released new version v2.00 now with attributes, skills, sounds and outfit (hi-res), if i compare with warspear, i see warspear is 90% better than tibiame. Warspear has excellent graphic than tibiame, warspear has sound effect for symbian phone, tibiame has sound just for android and iOS (poor), warspear player can wear the real armours and weapons also can be naked (perfect), but tibiame not (poor), warspear has multi-function in map but tibiame not, warspear has 6 class but tibiame just has 2 vacation and still unbalanced. Any question from me, why does tibiame become very popular in MMORP game? Is it caused able to play on java client? Or is it caused availlable in asian language? I saw more than hundred players online in one world, tibiame has 30 world, maybe more than thousand players online in total
  2. @Slay, can u tell me whats monster u killed? Aq coba kill semua boss ampe garing n kriting gx drop2, cpd. Sesama anak indo saling berbagi y. Lam kenal y, aq ryuken US-sapphire rank 4
  3. 1. All mini-boss will drop some item/wpn whatever its cheap, rubbish or rare item 2. All guards in class opponent will drop item too, example: mountain clan player surfing on firstborn town but many guards, commanders, captains and boss, when we successfully kill one of the strong guards so we get some item 3. Availlable new skill on rank 5 4. fast log out when connection is lag, to avoid dead accidently 5. during there is no rune or crystal, please make armours for rank 4 more powerful than armour for rank 3 6. Fix keypad function bug on nokia E-series qwerty (like E63, E71) 7. special slot to store important items (armour, wpn, quest item), not mix with rubbish items from monster's drop.
  4. Tibialova


    Please add a confirmation before buying item in shop!
  5. I hate it when we buy something not to be confirmed.
  6. Which mini-boss can drop a wpn or item? When finishing all quests and i tried to kill some boss AGAIN like insane giant, berserker of bear, shadow spirit, almond, druid, plainsman sorcerer, winged daemon, black daemon, granite, but it never drop, DAMN!! Just waste my time and potion. Pls you don't need to lie, i don't need a lie. Aaarrrrrrggggg.... !!!
  7. Why all my posts was deleted? Whats wrong with me? *cry* i just wanna report about ubnormallity on E-series keypad, its so hard to control between chatting n' hunting, if no fix so sorry i will quit
  8. i play warspear with nokia E63 qwerty, i know the bug of memory full was fixed. But there is new bug accured, keypad doesn't work normally. It works if applied by pushing "funct. key+key" or push the func. Key twice (double), its very annoying n disturbing because when writing in chat i have to push the funct. Key again and again, if not it becomes numeric. Sorry for my bad english, i hope GMs understand what i mean, thx
  9. Thx for reply. When the skills released? Yes, you are right! shaman is extreamely weak without spells or magic skills. But what should i do now with shaman? waiting is something boring..
  10. I have tested 3 classes: barbarian, rogue and shaman. Only shaman can't survive to kill yellow level mobs alone. Although shaman can deal bigger damage but its def is too low, that's why i always die every playing shaman. When i play rogue or barbarian, oh its awsome! I can survive n' can play as solo player its longer than shaman. I hate shaman when our party tried to kill boss, why shaman becomes meatball for boss, the boss always cash n' catch me, its not fair! My def is too low, just by attaking 10 times and i die. Pls make more balance for shaman. My dmg is 40-50 with crittical is 80-90 but its very rare, different with rogue, rogue can atk 15-30 with good def, although it takes longer time than shaman but rogue always success killing yellow mobs alone. Now i hate shaman!
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