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  1. Hi there bro.. reminisce? it's great to see you again. dont forget to mention your videos on youtube bout your old fights.
  2. becareful with BDs RUSH(chance to stun) :wacko: -->FLASH STRIKE-->normal hit--HAMSTRING(chance to stun) :wacko: --normal hit-->SAP-->FLASH STRIKE-->RUSH(chance to stun) :wacko: -->normal hit-->FLASH STRIKE-->HAMSTRING(chance to stun) :wacko: ENdless STUN lmao.
  3. LOL ... it won't be long also for many us to say our goodbyes and me as well. :facepalm: good luck to us all. :drinks:
  4. lol thanks nes, yeah i wish we could wear this in the game too somehow, even if i don't win. :pardon: :friends:
  5. Thank's syxcs :give_rose: :nea: I ran out of time, that's y i made it just simple & edited in 1 hour :facepalm: :pardon: i was hoping much better creation, i guess this'll just do it for now. :unknw:
  6. The Suit of Magician's Apprentice comes with a Black Hat (with personalized silver beaded belt) Black Coat Bow Tie Black Pants & Skirt White Shirt White Gloves Black Shoes This suit looks best on casters. hope you like it :facepalm: ;D :pardon:
  7. lol the middle one looks like Megatron of TRANSFORMERS ;D
  8. Cool ;D another opportunity to get free mcoins as a reward :yahoo: Thank you :crazy:
  9. I highly suggest that the Unbinding would be also available at mcoin shop, should be [unbinding Scroll] or something. In this way, those who don't have miracle coins will also be able to unbind their personal items and sell it, especially when they have new items to use, and will also help/give them an extra space in their bags as well by buying the "scroll" from those who have mcoins. Thank you :)
  10. i had mine too,crystals & runes. unfortunately lvl18 items & critical enchantments/great charms era has come, & i have no choice but to sell it (cheap) :facepalm: .. & lol panchen ;D where's my old runes that you bought from me?
  11. Remove the music, and fix the lagging issues. Stop adding features, just fix some main issues first. Too bad for those who are at the swamps, dies when lagging and dc comes in the scene. Some say they always got succesful log-in in the 3rd time/attempt. Guess its not from their network or internet providers. Pls fix a.s.a.p. its getting worse
  12. Haha u panget..ako pogi Thanks. I know its not good enough. I still have another 1, but only 1 must be posted..so enjoy hehe
  13. Description: WINGS - Represents Freedom SWORD - Represents Justice SHIELD- Represents Protection 4 Seals of Factions - Represents Unity & Humility 2 Lions - Represents Teamwork & Strength CROWN - Represents Ruler ship LIGHT - Represents Endless Glory
  14. Of all the item's and everything, what's missing? Hope you guys love this.. Thank you :)
  15. i cant understand what he's talkin :bad: sorry.. i think this guy doesnt know what guilds are for..its not for the whole 2 faction to lead.."she be the leder of elves n chosens" as you were sayin wew!..bein a leader of any certain guild doesnt require to be the strongest player or has a 2 +10 dooms or whatever..same as a best player. i can beat all +9s with my +7s(all lvl15 items).. ur words shows that you're a hater of pliskin and yins..u keep saying they cant be the leader..well tell who's that to decide then, by you? how funny.. read carefully: For creating a guild you must have certain amount of gold and special item. You could obtain this item in game or purchase it in Miracle Shop [/size] [/size]if who ever obtains this, can make a guild and be a leader.Thank you :)
  16. :shok: i cant believe i actually did won :bad: ;D :blush: :rofl: :lol: :dirol: :clapping: thanks and congratulations to all the winners.. you deserved it.. :clapping: :shout: more power to AIGrind & ty snorlax :aggressive:
  17. Yes it's possible, but be careful coz you might be blinded, many girls chars/cute chars played by men. to scam you just to be on top.
  18. ;D Velze sounds like Elves ;D your screen shots is really something, & means a lot to you.. but forgive me if i kill you if i see you, i only play now for cc quests and arena. but after that, i don't kill mc'sakens, i just go watch pvpcave. i don't kill for nothing especially low levels (if i'm not in quest, its just a waste of time)
  19. Here's what i do if i need help from other players.. 1st. I make lots of friends specially people from the same country where i live, know that they will help, coz they were once like in your shoes. 2nd. I help other people so that when i ask for help, hoping that they will help you too in times of need. 3rd. I pm (ask for help) on those who are nearto or people who are walking towards the way where my quest is. 4th. I don't pm those who are staying in camp (even if they'r my friends coz i know they'r doing something). 5th. I ask on trade chat for players having that same quest like mine. -and lastly if there is no help- 6th. I do The Strongest or as we call it C.C quests sometimes alone, i just go near nadir to hunt some mcs or what they call now mc'saken..it doesn't take me whole day to finish that quest even when i was still level 15 (C.C quests are available) -same with GG quest (6th part excluded)- if you want to be strong or say master your hero's ability and skill, better just do it your self.. remember to learn to survive alone and help will come when less expected..being with a party or friends is only a plus. If other people dont help, why dont you make a change, start helping then, help doesn't need a high lvl/high amped/great gears and weapons, just a simple helping hand. dont left where you started just because help didn't came. Thank you :)
  20. ahahaha..legends never die :rofl: sorry, but many would say its a selfish idea :(
  21. :yahoo: i'd love to join, but thinking of my fellow country men too though, :pleasantry: all filipino in a guild..
  22. VSME scammed JERBZ tries also to make a fake report :wacko: making stories :unknw:
  23. If this realy for balancing skills, lock's darkcircles must be reviewed again. Its like a beast trap for longrange casting in wide area coverage. Just like beast trap reload is decreased. Reduce the range of casting darkcircles or perhaps it duration. And for the coming updates, please add lvl18 rings, belts and cloak. Thank you :-)
  24. Well said balinor you need to create poster with motivational and spirit-rising title or call. (this is the main key of the poster)--> Your poster must be related to game subjects, themes of Warspear Online. For the basis for your poster you could use almost everything: screenshots from the game, military propaganda posters or even your photo! thank you :)
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