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  1. Power shot's cooldown is 8 sec, while fire arrow is 16 sec. 8 sec difference is alot.  Maximizing the one with shorter cooldown is better

    Ranger blessing, enables double attack, therefore double damage, more chance the better.


    Power shot and blessing. In my opinion, never trade off this main two skills for others.




  2. I was thinking randomly of having seperate arenas for players who have amped their items alot to players who don't amp at all or pay into the game for various items...won't happen, but, some thinking aloud 8)  would make the arena more popular.



    I'll wear no amplify gears while waiting for arena, then once inside arena I'll change back to my amplified ones.  :facepalm:

  3. Lol guild royality is such a noob guild that hiding in lvl 18 arena, even guild noob that hiding in lvl 18 have better gp then u noobs, thats so patetic u are strong if u have full pt of +8 min, once i fight against royality pt of 5 mages and all mages was hitting my priest that dont have res gear about 180-250, if u ask me that is very very noob, go fight in lvl 20 arena and your wining succes will be 1%

    NOOBS  :facepalm: :snorlax:


    people usually stay in 18 to avoid new gear updates that will make previous gears obsolete/inferior which how mmorpg games with amplify system usually works. it doesnt really mean we're hiding.


    mind you we've beaten good lvl 20 players(not naming to avoid flame) in arena, if  i got the chance i'll post screenshots.


    well the guild NOOB, isnt really a lvl 18 guild. in fact we barely encounter them on arena.


    lastly, when update comes i'll level up and mince you in arena personally.

  4. Hello brother elves! i just want to share this triumph in our farming. If I'm not mistaken, it is the first [Demonologist's Suit] in elves (sapphire server).

    Thanks to the team! Skitzie, Xxamitxx, Snipedownx, Spykids.  :friends:


    also to those hyena mcs who disturbed the process... *bleh* :tease:


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