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    all players newbie in eu-emerald need help in map 1 pm mtkdance
  2. Mtkdance

    old player

    many ppl dont trust us if we tell the old playser is scammer and they tell me scammer again and we must know this old player still can scamm us :facepalm: like knox scamm me :cray: :'(
  3. very many name alredy equiped and they are lvl 1 pls delete all lvl 1 if that characther not on in 1 years\ its will be work ;)
  4. icexodia,crossbowz,knox,and eaglewhite scamm me :bad:
  5. who ever get scam and what kind of item and id he scamm you :fool: and who that scammer
  6. many ppl in warspear make scamm ppl is his/her job :facepalm:
  7. Warspear game its so amazing but we need some one for safety and we cant be get scamm acc 1. if we change password acc we need confirm it to email first 2. we need warspear give some news to our email about password or id was changed 3.make much exc slot 4. to make full colour game too 5.and be seriously if some one feel broke
  8. all is enemy town if no why we can kill our enemy when we want? :facepalm:
  9. in my avatar i update picture when i kill you so talk less scammer you not better than rubbish
  10. Why all people so angry when some one enemy disturb him at pvp cave? I think this game never tell that pvp cave When your enemy kill u thats normal because this game created for war and for money :lol:
  11. no!!!!!! But in lvl 10 yes :yahoo:
  12. or make a good skill for elf :facepalm:
  13. who get scamm is normal because they give some thing do not think the risk :facepalm:
  14. Try kill me with my partner podecorre :facepalm:
  15. they disturb is normal because they are our enemy in game theres nothing pvp cave where elf not atk hes enemy :friends:
  16. Buy and sell characther is prohibited :facepalm:
  18. ya you right :friends: so what i cant use photoscape??? :lol:
  19. u lose again bro lose and win is normal in fight so dont trolling me ::)
  20. u will try kill me with my +10 wep huh?\ ALL MY ITEM ALREDY +8 MINIMAL U NOOB U JUST HAVE MANY TICKET BUT NO POWER
  21. ty but i think still enough this is not last story to be continued 8)
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