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  1. We did it Good without any leader these 2 last war.
  2. because he spam in every topic he see. Should devs gives machine guns to mc side?
  3. just give machine guns to mc side and we will be ok.
  4. i've seen a druid with 5k Which is the most hated guild?
  5. baskentli

    Forum Chat

    I think that absa is mad cuz every topic he makes get Locked/deleted or ignored lol
  6. Legionn would be a good leader. Well, at least better than those ppl in the list.
  7. baskentli

    Forum Chat

    Ok,but at least they shouldn't let us talking to ourselves. they have to say Yes or No.
  8. Who is this? You're the one who gotta learn how to read lol System: Don't duckin' trade/sell accounts or you will be banned,but no you guys keep sellin'/tradin' them like if nothing is gonna happen. I hope he get banned soon.
  9. I don't hate it lol, I'm 24/7 running my mouth in world chat. How much you hate the spammers?
  10. baskentli

    Forum Chat

    but devs won't answer us cuz they think that the idea zuck
  11. Idk, I was using the emulator with a xbox 360 control
  12. At least use Google Translate before write that.
  13. 40% cooldown? let me guess,You do gouge+stealth every 4 sec.
  14. one more time,no matter how powerful ur pc is, the graphic won't change.
  15. You should watch the other one about Charizard,Blastoise and Vynidk fighting.
  16. baskentli

    Forum Chat

    What are you talking about?
  17. If you have Windows 8 or 8.1 you don't need to download anything cuz they already bring a program for that.
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