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  1. most of the ppl have more than2 acc lol,but nothing happen.
  2. here is when the drama start lmao http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/8676-players-real-life-pictures/page-24
  3. The pics are there yet. you to check page 18+ on real life player pics. ( don't remember the name of the topic.)
  4. I was reading this topic yesterday and i wanted to necropost,but apparently someone did it for me lol
  5. baskentli

    Forum Chat

    holy crap,you change ur name every 3 hours lol
  6. I was reading the topic about midori again lol, thats so ducking funny.
  7. Kblitz*,but they didn't break up lol they live together yet.
  8. baskentli

    Forum Chat

    lol Finally someone got enough balls and said it xDxD
  9. I run my mouth 27/7 in WC with friends or sometimes i do questions to start a debate xd Dragon ball z or Dragon ball gt?
  10. lol ppl talk about pvprange like if he were a real good person xD, believe me you wouldn't like to meet him, he was one of the biggest @zzhole in the game.
  11. I suggested this before.....Well, I asked if they could transfer my char to another server xD,but they said ''No''.
  12. baskentli

    Forum Chat

    hmmm? how do you know?
  13. baskentli

    Forum Chat

    nowdays most of the ppl just go ingame to run their mouth 24/7 in World chat. PS: There's nothing better to do.
  14. baskentli

    Forum Chat

    I don't love him.......I ain't gay Well, This finally turned into Call of Duty Bye.
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