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  1. idk.... I could send you the video via gmail.
  2. I made one of my lv13 swords +10,Can i be in the list?
  3. our little assitant will be busy :3 Good luck.
  4. Well, I have never seen them ganking unless someone gank them first. Pvpcave needs anihalator anyways lol cuz when is not there elfs just come and kill everyone.
  5. She is playing a game on facebook,but i don't remember the name.
  6. She only date famous ppl, thats why most of them were +10.
  7. Too sad,I couldn't be her bf cuz im not +10.
  8. Gm's Fault,they don't want to create us a Chatbox.
  9. baskentli

    Forum Chat

    We need a chat as before. as i've heard there was a chat in this forum. this forum is Super ultra hyper dead lol we need someting new like this to attract people.
  10. plis was serious? oh C'mon he was just acting like a clown with his memes.
  11. someone did it first than me so im not necroposting,
  12. Yushiko #1 pro lv14

  13. he is the biggest @zzhole in the game.
  14. i already know why she hates pol and reu. PS: lmaoooo! we become detectives now?
  15. I would like to necropost one of those cool dramas.
  16. I saw that topic a long time ago and was reading it again yesterday lol.
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