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  1. Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de

    This one, with above two, is my top3 - shows that I can't wait for every week. Or rather, only three shows on this list that I have watched every episode of so far (school sucks, yo).

    So what's special about this one? A highschool literature club one day gets super powers. Their lives continue like usual. In episode 9 there is some action where characters fight using their powers. After that they go back to normal again.

    This is harem show, but it's quite unique. The main character is likeable as hell, despite being chuuni he's surprisingly mature and responsible, and wins a girl in second episode.

    I'll mention art here because it's done by Trigger. You know them? The people who made stuff like Kill la Kill and Inferno Cop. It's a pretty good art.





    I feel like if that anime is incomplete.

  2.  your annoying and you spam random Bs in topics and places you dont belong i can make my point in guild Vortex topic. 

    it's ws forum, we can give our opinion wherever the DUCK we want.



    if mecha isnt a mod on russian server there's not reason to bann him,that should be handled by a russian mod.

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