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  1. Advantage of using facebook shares:

    1.) Promotes warspear (I guess?)

    2.) There's a reason why the devs pick in the first stage, to make sure that it's fair? Surely they won't just pick all asians...

    3.) Ensures that the contest does not pick popular forum users



    1.) Not many people have facebook

    2.) Fake facebook profiles

    3.) Some people do not want to share their gaming experience online and would prefer to keep it private


    Tbh, at the end of the day, it's the dev's choice.

    Good luck all!

    You should see the last contest's pics :D a girl with who made 500 accs to autolike herself.

  2. I block without reason, sending messages to the support they no diplomatic answer, please can someone help me? Thank you for attention...

    They will answer before 5 days if they don't do it on 5 days just send another tick.

  3. those items werent even hers to begin with



    idk was random partner. pretty sure it was a priest

    Ladygi's item?


    koff he was using his mage :D no matter how low amp your mage is they are op in team attacks.

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