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  1. SWTOR= Secretly we troll our rabbits. What's the most funny video you've seen on youtube?
  2. baskentli

    Linkin Park

    ''In the end'' is a good one I also like Numb
  3. You should see the last contest's pics a girl with who made 500 accs to autolike herself.
  4. You didn't asnwer my first question.
  5. Yes,Hana is right We have a ''Like'' bottom so lets use it this will make the forum more famous.
  6. Its from the main Character of Kaze no Stigma. he is on my profile pic.
  7. Why are you posting that here? Go to Support section.
  8. if you don't know anything about forum,how will you participate? thats a little stupid
  9. Lets do it only on ws forum xD, We already have a ''Like''Bottom
  10. They will answer before 5 days if they don't do it on 5 days just send another tick.
  11. all i love from lab is that if 1 die the whole party die lol
  12. Holy Duck This turned into Call of Duty
  13. Ladygi's item? koff he was using his mage no matter how low amp your mage is they are op in team attacks.
  14. Pvprange,#1 pro player. sound really similar.
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