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  1. Hello devs. I Would like to know why Swaaz banned me for 1 day? He said, i was using an innapropiate Languge on ''What's wrong with nbk'' topic,but I check the topic 1000x times and i can't see where i used an innapropiate languge. But if we talk about innapropiate languge most of the people on the topic should be banned too because they all used a innapropiate language like sapphire calling us Pedorapist or Mumei who called me ''Faggot'' or skiziokills who uploaded a picture with a really innapropiate languge. You guys have to do something with this mood becuase everyone always has a problem with him When many people dislike a person its not because we are hating its because he has problems as person.
  2. I ain't talking about maara lol, I know others lv10s that are +10 since a long time ago. maara is just a strong and rich newbie for me thats all.
  3. play since 2009 enough time to call myself an old player and what's the problem? you told the same to poley about roland and her and nothing happened and you're saying that we're going to have a problem? ha funny! let me say it one more time, sapp is 58. Hanazono im talking about the last one hehe, I just want to know if ur 6th sense is right And what's the problem if cyber has gf in-game? Sapp was timeus's gf jesenia is turtle's gf, if cyber has 1 or + gfs is cuz he knows how to get girls lmfao and know how to do it in real life, not like sapp and turtle who can online date ppl via online cuz they are too ugly.
  4. I think this is the first time everyone see pachacutec outisde T1 lmfao!
  5. I wouldn't be happy if a 54 years old with 29kids flirt with me.
  6. Raperaxe? lmfao idk him,but ya he's a chicken.
  7. You always say ''im done here or im out of the topic'' dude Do us a favor a gtfo. Hanazono Hikari You haven't answered my question yet.
  8. You're flirting with swaaz now? what? anihalator isnt enough?
  9. It's really funny how most of the ppl in this topic become NBK's azz Licker ^^^^^
  10. My character is a female everyone knows im a fagget lol didn't you read mumei's comment?
  11. Cheers bae and sapp:D you're the only 45 years old in this Forum, most of the ppl who has my kik as the sexy mumei knows that im Young.
  12. Could you tell me if im a boy or a girl?
  13. My 6th sense is telling me that you're wrong and sapp is a boy.
  14. I hope the warlock you bought get banned soon. are ya scared skizo?
  15. Just ignore the topic then lol Poley is reading the topic Right now, I hope she Lock it
  16. No, im having the same problem,but i just press F5 to reload the page.
  17. It's you or the forum is having problems? you replied 6 or 7 times lol When i click on ''Post'' I have to press F5 the page doesn't want to load. %) Jarlax click on Report Option to make a mod delete the others 6 or 5 reply.
  18. Why not? Mrsxalpha already did it with timeuss and ik many ppl who do the same
  19. being an old player doesn't mean anything %) and timeusss? lmfao timeuss was dating a boy for 2 years!! he was dating Mrsxalpha (he was using fake pics of another famous person on facebook). Sapp is just using fake pics exactly as mrsxalpha did.
  20. Have you seen sapp in real life? I can make a fake facebook,kik or whatsapp and say that im a girl
  21. we raped em all Yushiko #1 pro rogue pew pew
  22. be friend of the richest player you know and get items from him.
  23. When you say that, you just make me remember about turltle and jesenia relationship lmao! Cybernem I heard that Obama take cares of sapp's 29 kids.
  24. If i bought my lv14 rogue you can report me go send to the devs those pics. You want me to say it again? Yes, I bought Yushiko rogue lv14 Devs go check my IP Thanks. Afatoldman isnt xherodark cuz i was on his ignore list and i can pm him now.
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