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  1. LMAO!! Redseeker dont make me Laugh :blush: ;D ... Remember what happend the last time me u and Cutefairy had a pvp? :dirol:

    Incase u dont.. I left some Screenshots for u :give_rose:

    lmao...my hp wasnt full :blush: :blush:

  2. Go make a new topic and start crying  :crazy:

    Ur a good lair..  :mega_shok:

    Saying I called u a lair.. U know u raged after i said "suree"... u even started ganking me :shok:

    I asked u nicely If u were tht low lvl.. And booom :bomb:  Raged like a 5yrs old..

    I bet u only started crying after I kept killing u :dirol:

    Dont u regret ganking me :aggressive:

    Whats funny and stupid is tht u kept changing chars.. ahhh...  :facepalm:

    Anyway this is a lvl14 pro section.. so Ill post some good pictures :good:

    Note: I can easily solo all of Joeswaz's lvl14 chars but the only problem is that he keeps bringing more ppl to help ^_^ but it didnt stop me from killing him :spiteful:

    Ps: I agree.. we do need in game moderators.. to stop liars like u 

    oh you killed hazy... pro:D

  3. Im having problems recording the game using ffsplit after this update but I thought the problem was related to my video driver (which I updated recently too). Do you use a notebook with nvidia optimus (intel video card + nvidia video card)? 

    ur video card is ok, the same happened to me after the update and i didn't do anything to my video card.

  4. pvprange #1 pro player


    i beat evildoll twice whos higher amp + she was using magic cards + guild buffs. i even have it recorded


    needs more biased opinions

    she isnt more amp than me,you should inspect my char again.

  5. It would be great if we could interact with other person(our alies) and duel them.

    It could take us to arena or something... where we could go 1 on 1! You can make it costs us 1 arena ticket or not i am fine with both.

    I think that would be great thing so ppl who have big ego can prove it and not only say they are best etc.

    it has been suggested before and devs said ''NO''

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