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  1. except for ranger/warlock/mage/druid/shaman/necromancer/priest


    "i dont pvp casters/ranged fighters, they are runner noobs"

    mage,druid,shaman,necro,priest,ranger I always kill them at tavern,I also like to kill a priest named ''enchatold.smelliestpriest'' i don't remember the name,but he always run when he see me lol


    except for warlocks they are all noobs.

  2. If u wanna talk running ill day Itachi

    Well, itachi runs,but he doesn't run like eagle or swaaz lol they're faster than a chicken.


    PS: not calling them ''Noobs'' just runners.

  3. I wish you the best cynernem.

    Your words are right. Pro doesn't matter for the fact who you really are. A real pro matters by having fun instead of trying to get the spotlight by desperation.


    Good luck with your studies and have alot of fun :)

    Farewell young but good player.

    too late,he started to play again.

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