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  1. Helmet - accu and def

    Armor - attack speed and reci

    Belt - crit/mana regen and reci

    Gloves - accu and def

    Boots - attack speed and reci

    Rings - dodge and mana regen/pene

    Cape - crit and hp regen

    Amulet - accu/crit and hp regen/hp


    Those are the best. For amulet crystal choose the one stat that you have less. Atleast 2 mana regen crystals is minimum Imo. Some prefer hp runes over dodge on rings, but I don't think it works.  :)

    100% agree and also try to buy items with dodge stats :P




    for instance. if youre lv14 and you party with a lv11, there is a 100% chance you will never fight anyone lv15-16 in arena




    true xd, I forgot to say that i always go with +9+10 lv14s thats why sometimes we find lv18 in 5vs5

  3. When i try to do stealth in pvp ppl ALWAYS find after 2 sec in stealth mode idk why, I pvped to 15 bds in tavern lv14 and they found like if they can  see invicibles things, this never happened before :unknw:  and my lv20 rogue have stealth 5/5 and also happen the same, I do stealth while pvp someone and they find me after 2 sec :crazy: .



    I know that sometimes the stealth fail,but this is happening to me very often.


    @Jigsaw, I finished 6 shadows with 4 others

    actually 3, one of them his weapons were broken

    . it's a pretty easy quest, you know? But this is off topic, sorry.


    Z/d_tt_ee is impossible to kill, sir commander. He appears in many, many forms.


    What would you do if you were muted/banned for 1 week?

    I would stop playing for 1 week cuz thats the only thing i do in this game lol run my mouth 24/7 in WC.



    Does Kuzmitch has a ferrari?

  5. Hassn maybe rich but Foxlovevix is better hehe... And im pretty sure id drop hassn im a few hits ice inspected most of his sets No Resi = Not good for a barb vs a army of sapphire rogues with full kw xd

    you can say that very easy when you're in another server;)

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