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  1.  I report spammers and account sellers using bug reporter, yes you can use it for doing that. I hope they implement this idea.

    Oh,I didn't know that.



    I don't agree. its like if someone was stalkin' me all the time in WC

  2. Es mi primer personaje y me gustaria saber si puedo cazar algun jefe con mi lvl 14-15

    Si Puedes,pero seria mejor si subes de nivel y te haces mas fuerte asi podras matar mejores boss que dropeen item mas interesantes y fuertes.

  3. I was having trouble adding my back since the new forum, but i decided im just sucky at this forum format. I tried to link it from imgur and i failed. 

    the size of the pic needs to be 800x300

  4. Sell:


    Wulturn's small ring lv5 (2 pcs)

    Magic card (123 pcs), Power Card (60 pcs),Drink polar bear(38 pcs),Drink northern lights(18 pcs)

    Vampire's Tincture (104 pcs)

    Elixir of any class with 150%.

    Demonic Potion.

    invisible ink (600 pcs)

    Dark Fool's Cap (20 pcs)

    3 staff lv14s.

    Vambraces of berengar's guard.

    all the weapons lv13 from halloween event.

    Rotting zombie costume



    PM to Yushiko or tsprules MC Side Us-sapphire.

  5. anyone can reach 900+ damage with lv5 stealth. show full screenshot with him not being stealthed. im not saying its 100% impossible since +10 cbow gives u same damage. but most rogues try n fool people thinking thats their base hit when its their stealthed hit

    Buud rogue in eu emerald has 1k+ dmg without buff and stealth.


    he was offline when i inspected him.

  6. Sourpurp is pretending to be a different person but don't let him scam you guys

    Just a heads up :)

    thats not scamm:D he is just abusing of his intelligence and makin' the others look like brainless noobs.

  7. 17





    thx to red's advise i now have an infection that's threatening my life, should i attempt to disinfect it by pouring gasoline then burn it, or pussy out and call the ambulance? QUICK *dying*

    Disinfect it by pouring gasoline then burn it like a real man......A real man don't need an ambulance.



    Am i a good doctor?

  8. Read below 8)



    Am all alone in my house, there's a huge cut wound running from my wrist to my elbow. Should i close the wound by cauterising it or pussy out and call the ambulance? QUICK..*Getting dizzy*

    Close the wound by cauterising it like a real man.


    How old are you?



    MCocktail im not an otaku lol just an anime fan.

  9. maths and language don't fit together, convert that sentence into actually mathematics and it would be wrong. A drop of water is made of hundreds of thousands of small water molecules. In maths, 1+1 would mean adding two individuals molecules and not the whole drop. Language only generalises the many water molecules as "one"



    how do you know am not a creation of your imagination?

    Who said you weren't in my mind?


    Can you tell me from what anime is my profile picture?

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