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  1. Forgive me for the necroposting.

    I really miss the ppls who used to help me in my beginning of playing warspear and became my friends during 2011.

    Big thanks to :

    Quariusz, Vox, Voxai, Xrainbowz, Scout, Chronoz, Tecnoilfe, Dynamite, Xxzhyxx, Koskiller, Enichi, Ambus, Harass (the creator of Sprytblood) and some other ppls...

    Oops, Eridon was a legend of bd when i started this ws.

    He will always be the best in my opinion.


    Necropoting everywhere eeej :D


  2. Skating is when u have a board and are gliding on it. i think. wheels are allowed.


    (If you can endure the depths of the internet, go watch me!me!me!. Its plot is very deep :))


    Question here:
































































































































  3. Ty ;D

    But seriously: F12


    See the code? Search









    Move to one of your posts. For example, your last comment:









  4. ...
  5.                                                     X warning points

    There you go, double click "X warning points, and change it to whatever you want to. It isn't official though...



    Yes I'm bored.

    you shouln't do that.

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