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  1. I think my questions are cool you got a real gf or a imaginary one?
  2. Dude,this is Xmk's arena gallery not everyone post ur pics's gallery.
  3. He will always be the best in my opinion.
  4. thats just a place for wars between guilds......I think xD
  5. ''You suppose'' Pls guys only comment if you're sure of what you are goign to say thanks.
  6. try to comment in every topic you see.
  7. I just want to know if 5/5 stealth give you 10% 15% 5% more dmg
  8. How much would my dmg increase if i make my stealth 5/5? pls answer i don't want to buy a book of oblivion xD
  9. ppl shouldn't share their acc anyways,don't believe to anyone even to urself.
  10. Us-Sapphire. Have you amped an item to +10 with only 1 set of signs or less?
  11. baskentli

    screenshot pc

    That also happened to me on xmas event,but when devs update the game it was fixed.
  12. What are you talkin' about?....Stealth?? you're confusing me bro.
  13. No,but someone told me it is really cool. Do you hate math?
  14. Si quieres unity signs,Tienes que hacer dungeons y hacer quest en norlant swamp.
  15. D) kill myself Can you write ''I went to the school yesterday'' with ur tongue?
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