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  1. I don't always kill xmk in arena,but when i do it,he is naked and lagging
  2. Pero si ellos estan unidos o acaso tu ves los elfos y los chosen matandose entre si?
  3. Well, in my opinion these 2 guys can beat any rogue in us sapphire.
  4. No. that moment when you buy signs and dmg spheres with mc coins and don't have gold to amp. Have this happened to you before?
  5. he was using pots,but that critical is so op anyways
  6. He wasnt using stuff because he was offline when i added him to friendlist. You can also add Muslime from Russian server his dmg is 1006,he crits 5k+ on dummy
  7. naaa,they just should let us transfer cc like the gold.
  8. A druid and i don't like them anymore. (MC forever) Do You Want Signs?
  9. I think we all already understand what warning points is. the topic should be locked.
  10. You need to send a tick to support because devs won't do anything here.
  11. just in the game xd How many ticks do you use per day?
  12. I just like to Cyber Bully everyone. Can you twerk like Miley Cirus?
  13. Every pic i post here is about xmk killing me in arena or me killing him. Or Am i wrong?
  14. Am I the only one who do that on forum?????? I think you're just trying to start a fight against me to get me banned like you always do with every ppl you don't like.
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