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  1. Absalom is asking why he was banned for creating this topic:




    The moderator "despairs" replied: 


    " Take your duplicated topic with all the sarcasm it contains and smoke it a roll "


    So It seems a moderator, did not like him asking the same question towards you about modifying his account and banned him for creating a topic? to ask the same thing, due to the main topic being closed, he could no longer ask there again or get an answer. so created a new one.


    Seeing as you agreed to exchanging currency between chars and modifying despairs account in public, it's perfectly logical for another player who has read the topic, to ask for the same treatment, unless it only applied to forum moderators.


    You answered no in absaloms topic, as she did not contact you further, so it was closed, but why was absalom banned for creating a question?.


    In the end this topic will be locked, but we already saw the abuse from despairs, unless there's another reason for absalom to have been banned,


    The community needs to be aware if sarcasm, or simply asking admins a question about something, will be a bannable offence..

    I can't say it better.



    Where is ur answer devs?

  2. I dont mind despair... she or he.. (cant tell with anime nerds no offense) seemed quite kind to me when i spoke to him/her i do Disagree with mute but i dont know full story maybe it was for something else you said.. I dont even see dispair anymore


  3. You were muted because you're childish and as you just stated yourself you copied her post.


    Anything else you'd like to know?

    You're basically saying that he was banned because he copied a topic.


    i have to read  forum's rules again.

  4. He just wanted a gm to do him a favor,there is not reason to bann him.



    let me guess,This topic will be Ignored,locked or deleted because thats what devs always do with Absalom's topic.

    its funny how they always lock the topics of one of the person who makes them rich.


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