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  1. This only happen when the game is under maintenance lol
  2. Si no Sabes ingles por que pones estos topics aqui? solo logras que se burlen de ti,si tienes alguna queja o pregunta aslo en el foro Spanish estoy seguro que te van a responder.
  3. I also see yall like that. seduce if you don't want to see them just ignore the topic
  4. you're also dead lol... what's that little red thing close of ur HP?
  5. What's M8? im always like ''O_o'' when someone write that.
  6. Devs should make a quest named ''Kill the red statue of Caravan''
  7. or just let us sell items to elf side
  8. I can't say it better. Where is ur answer devs?
  9. 10/10 in my opinion lol,this topic brought the drama back hehe
  10. wow i think someone is mad.
  11. You're basically saying that he was banned because he copied a topic. i have to read forum's rules again.
  12. A big drama will start here lol
  13. He just wanted a gm to do him a favor,there is not reason to bann him.
  14. you're right! would you change your gf for a stripper?
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