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  1. Lord Gaara (also known as Gaara of the sand waterfall), 5th kazekage, leader of the sand village and jinchuriki to Shukaku was defeated by a "blind 12 year old" girl. Deploy the ANBU black-ops and hunt this little [insert Profanity] down!!




    Seriously though, they've yet again butchered another anime character. They weren't satisfied with wrecking Majin Buu so they target Gaara. This battle was blasphemy, they did very little research on gaara and the naruto world. Yes yes, toph is the strongest earth, metal and mud bender in the entire avatar world, but she cant bend chakra damnit!!  :angry:  :shout:

    the little girl was cheating anyways lol.


    if you watch the anime you will notice that the little girl can't see a person when its flying.


    When gaara started to fly with his sand she just saw him like if she wasn't blind.

  2. Yes,They should do something new in this forum  cuz this forum is hyper dead.


    nowdays most of the ppl just use the forum to report a person who scammed another or to see new announcements section.


    but ya, i agree. your fight with darkaar was insane, dodge dodge dodge and like 100 health left


    thats why i said ''luckiest pvp ever''  im not trying to prov anything :facepalm: my dodge is workin' right finally 34.2% ;)


    but the next time you killed me :D

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