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  1. it's plain stupid to overwrite old enchants, surely you understand this. rogue shouldn't even use honed anyway, better advice would have been to suggest battleaxe or falchion/glad. but I guess it's just easier to buy dmg instead of putting thought into your builds.


    with the exception of the axe which was gifted to my barb 3 years ago that gear was never 'mine' I was simply a caretaker. I don't expect new players to understand the significance of the set as you weren't around when its original owner made it famous and sadly kathi has chosen to ignore this and act as thief and liar and this is the result. thanks for your input though!


    I would never use an axe or a falchion in my rogue :D only Gladius or daggers

  2. As I see you are 18, and i guess you didn´t start university yet, and you don´t speak with a proper accuracy, i will teach you what I teach to my secondary students at the secondary stage.


    Adjectives before name: noob player. weak player. useless players. They are adjectives that complement the name.


    noob = a player that doesn´t know to play a game.


    weak = a player that has a low damage and defense for his/her level.


    useless = a player that can´t do anything on his/her own, because he is not competent in game.


    As you can see, the terms I use are not insults.


    On the other hand, you are the one insulting us. Ass lickers, ass holers and other foulmouthed words. So stop trying to lie in forum because all you have to do is to check your own posts. I´m just eight years older than you, but you have so much to learn, little boy.


    An interesting fact to add to my post, years ago in the university, studying psychology, we were told that people that insult or use rude or foulmouthed words are usually agressive and insecure. I don´t know if you have any of that problems but relax and act and speak as a good boy.




    lmao, ppl should make a topic about this.


    Some ppl as me speak a super ultra bad english xD


  3. I've talked to kath about it, she says she is going to buy it back. so if scam or not... time will tell.


    Boogiesx sold em to Evilldoll, and i doubt she sell it back :/ she become an arena player to get rank 1 in arena.

  4. yes, same that I used on fortythief which I loaned to snowkath which she didn't have permission to sell ]:>

    that's because that axe is old enchants xD belonged to my barb.


    She scammed you then? lol She sold em for 2M to Boogiesx

  5. Always funny when people say 'wasted' in relation to money.


    You can not and should not use the term 'wasted' in relation to your current situation in real life when it is about another person.


    I, myself have spent thousands now and yet I don't think I regret it. Why? Because I am able to spend a high quantity of money on a 2d game whilst I play other games and enjoy myself in real life. :)


    Work hard play hard


    Ur right, I hate when ppl make the excuse of ''+10 players are noob or +10 players doesn't have a life''

  6. Hello! im back to get more Warning points from our lovely and M0therF@cker mod Swaaz :good: Waiting to be perma banned from those fags who thinks  they can control the forum.


    Turtlegay you're just a little pcs of shity white american go get a life.


    im glad some ppl here shut sapp's mouth, Sithlords's members can duck any member of Badxjuju or nbk whenever the duck they want.


    Skizio what's the problem if he has an online Relationship? Suck my massive dik.



    Whut whut whut whut? Am i going to be banned for say the same that most of the ppl in this topic say? funny lol


    have a nice days F@ggots

  7. :shok:   Excuse me... !!!!!  : :) that guy is just a nice puppet to take points for arena ! (he has no skills, very predictable..)  :crazy: > Next


    :good: That's my sissaa !


    Who do you think it's the best rogue lv14 :blush: ?


    Don't say it, I can read means...........You want to say ''Yushiko''

  8. swazz is love.. swazz if life..

    i was reading that topic and i saw many chaos n insults n many terrible posts, its in General section so i didn't interfere gdluck

    I got 1 question.


    legionn is the mod of General section,isnt him?


    then why swaaz interefered?

  9. Seriously? Don't you know how to read? I told you-_- go spamm to another place.


    Every mod in this forum has had a problem with swaaz cuz he always abuse of his power and you devs still has him as mod. :facepalm:

  10. you deserved the warning point and the one day ban, acting innocent only further proves my point


    questioning my motives is also against the rules, you had one warning prior to suspension


    any further harassment will lead to another punishment, your suspension was due to harassing sapphire calling her a slut no life etc etc. grow up


    and dont worry about admins not knowing what you posted, i left evidence in the report itself. continue harassing other forum members will lead to the same conclusion. 

    I never called her ''Slut''


    You said i was using innapropiate language lol,but most of the ppl there are using innapropiate language,but they don't get banned, why? let me guess you're a hater. 


    You should perma bann me cuz i won't shut up until i see a dev here.



  11. You were definetely speaking out of line and i reported it it was Removed Sorry not sorry should just get off forum broski

    If you're not a dev or you're going to say something to help, pls don't comment here.


    if we talk about speaking out of line 90% of the ppl on that topic should be banned, now just get out of here.

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