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  1. EU-Emerald

    1. AoA (431021 exp)- LVL 4 = 40 Members

    2. perfectElf (358391 exp) - LVL 3 = 30 Members

    3. DeVoid (271682 exp) - LVL 2 = 20 Members


    Sure it was no not much Competition to catch a sponsored LVL4 Guild....

    Anyway, gratz to all winners, especially to DeVoid a LVL 2 MC Guild who left other LVL 3 and LVL 4's behind  :clapping:



    Perfectelf lvl4 near 5 check again it in game ;)

  2. we may not win #1 vs a arab millionaire, but atleast mario, isn't a bought puppet, hassn is 99% of everything you are in WS, just remember that, you will alway's be hassns investment, bank? money sinkhole? parasite?..

    AoA = Hassn, nothing more, he's done a good job at buying EU.


    Why you mad with me sulla? Oh i forgot u cant win me so you always cry here or maybe you angry because hassn reject you in AoA 2 tournaments ago?


    You always be a crybaby loser. :)

  3. i agree unfair for #2 and #3 trophies especially what i know in eu emerald tournaments, if u want to let #1 only get access than why u puted #2 #3 rewards n trophies?

    i suggest wht i readed in these posts here but forgot where



    nvm the trophy counter and put it like a ticket access to special dungeon:



    new tournaments gets #1 gold ticket + 500cc, #2 silver ticket + 400cc, #3 bronze ticket + 300cc



    gold ticket gives access to: herioc/hard/normal/easy special dungeons for 2weeks

    silver ticket gives access to: hard/normal/easy special dungeons for 2weeks

    bronze ticket gives access to: easy special dungeons for 2weeks



    special dungeon cc rewards: 5cc easy ,10cc normal, 15cc hard, 20cc herioc (u receive cc when dungeon completed)

    cost to enter special dungeon 2-3stamina/dungeon



    or u can remove that herioc n keep it 3 dungeons



    from my point of view thats balance 99% for everyone, and when 2week passes than another 3guilds will win the ticket from old winners, what u guyz think?  :)





    Losers say this:





    Heres an idea: Tournament winners are going to be receiving  crimson now correct?

      How about crimson sellers offer dungeon ticket entry's. These can be used for EASY 1 ticket price, NORMAL 2 ticket, HARD 3 ticket, HEROIC 5 ticket. These tickets may be bought with crimson for about 25 cc.  Good idea? :unknw:


      This will keep players to continue their crimson quests daily and keep them busy for some time. Also all players will have the availability.  Obviously these guilds who spend more will have a greater opportunity


  5. Fail update for Emerald server AoA keeps winning all tournaments because they got Hassn who got unlimited mcoin supply without Hassn mc guilds would suck hard elfs got like 5 top guilds but mcs only got Hassn lol...

    So until Hassn quits or dies AoA will get better and better with each update that gives AoA access to top gear

    So even if Hassn leaves rest AoA members will have top gear thanks to Hassn

    Its funny cause in map 2 i can hold my own against 17-20 lvl mcs with my 15 lvl druid with +6 staff :D

    True skill>+10 rich no brains

    Anyway gm check peoples opinions 80% of players dont like this update and elf chat in emerald is filled with spam atm everybody wants to protest/quit/troll because this update is exclusive to AoA :D

    Its sad that im a European and some rich Arab kid is spoiling my european server

    Oh wait money buys everything...





    Why all people cry about AoA. Its ur fault if no go to join tournaments. Many jelous in this post :)

  6. 1, hassn amped your elfs +10

    2. legends did 5x5, two parties running.

    3. legends invited thecore and others.

    4. if remove all aoa 5x5, they would never be first.

    why lie?  nothing too gain.



    #1 ur mcs bug ampled your axes +10

    #2 you are nothing without supre money and 5x5 in 20 and 18

    #3 legends start tour with same ppl they finish. No need inv random ppl crying in world chat

  7. You mean hassn #1 followed by dogs.


    The sad reality is no one cares about #1 place in emerald because hassn waste over 1000$ every month for a 2D costume sulla said its sad but is true.




    btw I wasnt reporting you for use bug mcoin , I thought you was nice and not giving a shit about the bug.

    A game fault but now im tired to see how you feel or want act like someone when you started play this game on elf faction with bug mcoins and now in mc side doing the same a shame a country mate doing this , you lost.


    ktptn , ktptnbowww, cazapollos , cazagallos , dieg , politicus , mofh , mofhh , mofhx (bought account) , mofhdruid ,  dkmofh , yosoyfly , hijodeputa , etc




    I dont remember all just , support team can check their accounts?


    Block them for broke rules and fix the bug thanks.


    If need I send email with somescreenshoots wtih the sms device provider and mofh , cazapollos explaining how they do the bug.



    Wow mc bug and dog :*

    I can win alone tournaments xD better i create my own guild and i play alone for #1


    Dont mad if your guild can beat aoal ( elfs not ampleds ) with 5 warlocks in 5x5


    NEXT TIME CRY MORE IN WORLD CHAT FOR INV RANDOM PLAYERS FOR TRY GET #1 and later kick after they report . cngratz legends for #3 without 5x5 and no random players they are the winners

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