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  1. Sekksi

    arena shaman

    3 blind is plenty :P. Its my escape skill so if you're talking damage, go quake. Trust me, you'll like it..if you can get it to work :facepalm:
  2. To be specific I have light sash, cape, and gauntlets (all astral +5), boilersuit +6 and 2 excellent signets (moon+ astral 7 energy regen *great charms boost*), 7 stave with illusion. I spent a lot on all this stuff so pm me to make a deal. :drinks:
  3. I'm about to level past 14 and have a full astral set for sale.. +7 stave with illusion baton enchant..etc. pm succubi
  4. This also happens in BG caves against the green subterranian knights or whatever. You'll have 3 or 4 on you, stop and cast quake on your damn feet and it'll hit like 2 of 4 of the mobs. Its more han lag, I swear its the way the maps built. Bad pathing or something, either way its ducking annoying and I'm about to wage war on aigrind. :shok:
  5. Sekksi

    Earthquake bug

    Oh and furthermore I'm sick of melee classes hitting me from across the map simple because they're locked onto me. This happens with rangers too. Random arrows flying from literally the other corner of the map until they're in the appropriate attack range again. Buggy assed game I swear !!!! One step closer to the edge...and ima bout to break! :bomb:
  6. Sekksi

    Earthquake bug

    Its total bullshit, a lot of times my newb arena ally dies and I'm left 2v1 and try to kite but go figure earthquake fails to do a goddamn thing sometimes 2-3 times in a row. My quake is lvl 5 annd I rely on it. Its pathetic that I can use it and see the graphical effect yet it does absolutely nothing!!!!!! Its usually in maps with walls or objects hindering the pathing of this spell. I wish the developers would take a damn second to beta test these things prior to releasing death trap maps for classes like shamans! Thanks assholes! :facepalm:
  7. Sekksi

    Earthquake bug

    Anyone else sick of earthquake not working in certain spots of the arena/world? Grrr! Its like the new arena maps aren't built correctly so earthquake does absolutely nothing ALL THE TIME! Fix your game dammit! >:D >:D >:D
  8. Anyone selling? PM Succubi in game! ;D
  9. Come on...someone sell a girl a stave :sorry:
  10. Wow what is with assholes trying to rip me off? Vinluan for example trying to get 60k for a +1 :bad:
  11. Nope...I had a twisted charge I sold. It doesn't seem like I'm having much luck finding my new stave though :aggressive:
  12. Oh and I'm on a 32k budget.. ty :P
  13. BUYING Twisted Stave!!! PM Succubi - Sapphire
  14. Hi I made a Shaman named Succubi lvl 14...I am looking for a twisted stave! Please help me find one for sale! Ty! PS: PM Succubi not Sekksi...thanks! O:-)
  15. Wow all the sexual tension between you two! :spiteful:
  16. You're not allowed to laugh at me :cray:
  17. ....wowwwww.... Settle down kiddo
  18. Sorry I tend to forget the spelling of dumbass names :(
  19. He has a name! His name is MANELY and he wants to blindly buy ur gay! :friends:
  20. Okay ...I feel fantastic now! I'm the type of person who finishes chainless quest but doesn't wear bg armor bc I spent all my money (and friends money) on amping! Its soooo frustrating!
  21. You do kinda look like a stoner :crazy: oh wait...he's talking about potions! Duh! :unknw:
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