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  1. :snorlax: About How long it might get? :)
  2. :clapping: Huurraay! :cray: We might win again someday.... 650k gp in two weeks...
  3. Päivää toverit! Katsoin teidän votea ja mietin, että miksi ette tee joka viikkoista gp rajaa, joka pitää saavuttaa tai sitten saa kickit assiin? :diablo: Meillä toimii ihan mallikkaasti...ainakin välillä. Joskus tuntuu vain, että jopa tuo viikko on turhan pitkä aika pitää joitain pelaajia sisässä... :facepalm:
  4. Frikid, Thank you Frikid. It was only matter of time. :P I hope this will kick other guilds work hard.
  5. Dreaner


    Obito, I wait Aoa and Sos to do 650k gp next tournament.
  6. Dreaner


    Welhocity, who are u in game? :)
  7. Darkzain dont take it so serious...btw...when you go rank one?
  8. Noo... Idea... one thing is sure... it depends of guild level. I think it might same as our charr max of slot.
  9. Hi Centu. As u see Boneheads are full right now. But we are up leveling it... (hopefull soon). Until that u can check our under guild UnderOath and join in there. First u need to pm me or other members of Boneheads in game so we get know u better. :friends:
  10. Sounds awesome Simpleheal. I really would be happy if we get this forum page allso activeted some how. But any way... Here is new updated page!
  11. Simpleheal that sounds awesome! Here is new update of page!
  12. Dreaner

    Arena season

    Thank you for your answers. ;D
  13. Update to guild page is done but not official yet coz some changes happend after guild update. It will be released later.
  14. Dreaner

    Arena season

    I really want to know that when will arena season start from beginnin again? :good:
  15. Today is the day! Move move move! :bomb:
  16. Today is the day! Move move move! :bomb:
  17. Ninja.. Toi on tosi hieno tuo teidän logo... Tykkään itse henkilökohtaisesti tuosta valkoisesta versiosta.. :good:
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