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  1. oooohhh is ur necklace that bloodvial bloodlips was talking about. i was curious on its size. :blush: 2nd pic
  2. :lol: omg these two makin me crazy :lol:
  3. :lol: any native indo-speaker there be helpful enough to tell us what "SANGE" mean? :lol:
  4. :facepalm: how many topics will u make about this? dev r0land also answered your issue on the first topic already http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=82469.0
  5. its a trending korean children song. its not actually kiyomi. its "gwiyomi" which means "to be cute" ;D im memorizing the moves still. making my own version soon :lol: asians starting weird trends
  6. already made the PHGODZ mcsaken version. im just too lazy to upload. im done with harlem shake. this vid better :blush:
  7. just found out. he brought his elf and killed us on that spot :lol: :lol:
  8. :( update.normal and crit set. i dont have arena set or moon/sun def sets and havent finished crit enchanting gears.
  9. ;D ;D this is funny and weird :lol: someone trippin on merc
  10. maybe they cant change too complicated design yai :tease:
  11. they can buy mcoins with gold in-game ;D
  12. omg omg this girl is the prettiest of all inside and out :give_rose: love her so much. yipi aka kalisa aka anikka aka zee
  13. who's "she"? WHEN ONE OF YOUR "FRIENDS" BLACK MAIL YOU :aggressive:
  14. maybe 1 chance of server migration every 365 days :blush:
  15. seriously i seen lots of entries where they only "edited" added text/guildname. is that acceptable? :facepalm: :mega_shok: :unknw:
  16. voted. :blush: gonna jump server to server buying low and selling on other server high. :lol:
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