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  1. my bb's necro 18 now ;D as promised got her gears. only missing is the sd stave and guiding armor. WHERE ARE THE SELLERS when u need them?! :aggressive:
  2. erikalt give respect even if just for this one please.
  3. i was 15 when i started college :blush:
  4. but them calling it "WAR" :rofl:
  5. oh really? lmfao. atleast when mcs camp inside your shop they last really long unlike your fail try at doin it. 3 mc can last inside elf shop for more than 5mins and that 4 party of elf dint even lasted longer
  6. lmfao standing inside enemy shop is what you call a "WAR" typical elves and y'all dint even lasted inside that shop for even 3minutes, good job at failure
  7. :tease: nothings wrong with it tho
  8. omg so sad.... she just got her baby :cray: prayers for you Desy, we will miss you. a great shaman and a very sweet person. a memory with patahh, our first meeting in game.
  9. i have another version of this ;D
  10. updated list, yes people change.
  11. who needs a guy when u have her :blush: :rofl: :rofl:
  12. US SAPPHIRE MCSAKEN SIDE BUYING NECRO STAVE OF SUDDEN DOOM and any holiday female outfit. pm me your price in-game keizsha/kiyomi
  13. _KiYo_KEiZ_

    rap contests

    i already won something. but you knowwwwww i only play chorus on my rapper friends
  14. _KiYo_KEiZ_

    rap contests

    awww i wish i could rap. :(
  15. a visit to caravans, coz of boredom.
  16. oh wow. thank you for taking time to show the pic. i was really wondering about the size of the vials u guys use. its weird but cute. first time i ever heard a couple do that. really amazes me. ;D hope you guys last forever together. :good:
  17. ignore the rap :blush: focus on the video
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