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  1. like the concept of tibiame's Gladus Island :unknw:
  2. :yahoo: MORNING UPDATE. LOL. time to use my wishing well 15M lolis x8 :yahoo:
  3. ive seen the end game. one guy posted his password on a forum :lol: it sucks tho. how would you be able to defeat Yourself. there's a dungeon that the enemy is "Yourself" anyways, my progress before i sleep, 12hrs of playing/idling browser :lol: :lol:
  4. ima sleep while browser is open then use wishing well tomorow after xD i cant kill the dragon wtf stuck again :cray:
  5. i have sword of flame as well. i dont know which is better tho. ive read that the sword of summoning was the best :cray: so i choose wrong
  6. try agaiiinnnnn ;D i mixed for 6 secs
  7. cant this be multiplayer? :lol: party to finish castle stairs pls pm me :cray:
  8. which quests?im stuck on castle entrance. i suck :cray: still missing a lot :lol: :lol:
  9. how do u open the candies converter :unknw: :blush:
  10. :( there's a name i wanted so bad but its taken by a level 1 druid. its been lv1 for a year now
  11. 8) a chat with some of the "B's" of my life wish beb and yai has skype too so they can join too ;D :blush: too busy loving the people that love me.
  12. :lol: u talk to weird people duane
  13. :unknw: thought 5 mages would rule in arena
  14. gimme this or ill throw rocks on ur roof and windows :lol: :lol: kidding :blush: SELLING ON ELF (US-SAPPHIRE) pm me here for offers
  15. i told you already :lol: his keyboard vowels are broken i guess
  16. :facepalm: this noob has rules in hydra?
  17. this was a few weeks ago. just too lazy to post here.
  18. miss the time when sign pieces are 5k each and 49k each set :unknw: first month of amplify, everyone was crazy over signs and spheres. arena ticks also rise price coz ppl went back arena-ing when they lose weapons/armor trying to amp without signs, and "byebye old enchants" :(
  19. just have the melees kill the 3 anax bloods + 2 parasites everytime it respawn one by one while the tank/healers attack boss with all power shots/skills (keep an extra healer for the melees btw)
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