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  1. Can change my.name from nastyburp to TrollMaster
  2. Oops i read what you.put too fast :blush: good.you're for RVens so fR its a blow out
  3. Plis i bet 5k Ravens win :aggressive:
  4. Since he is the Black Market dealer i think he deposite fee should be 15% because he is a secert dealer meaning ''take it or leave punk'' then i'd like this ;D
  5. The way i usually fight warlocks is when we both signal i push use fire ball then get blinded circled and when the stun circle goes away and the.blue is.left i teleport use rock power and either i'd be dead or they will depends on the damage dodges and crits.
  6. Can you tell me how to post vids :shout:
  7. [move]how to post vids i have one :crazy: [/move]
  8. Mofos cpoying my name :diablo: im ineednoone now all of a sudden there ineedyou inotneed you idntneedu bullshit i gotts find others in game but heres one
  9. Nowadays mostly every mc is an elf.
  10. 8) Since We Talking About Arena...
  11. Poor kid :'( Too bad he deserved it :sorry:
  12. Wanna know why theey dont listen? Most of them are elves wanting.to live the good life. :crazy:
  13. I love me a good evil asain baby :lol: ( No racism or Pervyness intended)
  14. Bro soon as we come back its pure domination all over again. :dirol: ;D
  15. Immersly is attracted to me.. :bad: dont encourage her turtle :rofl:
  16. Always...Still remeber those fun times we had when we were on chosen haha when you coming back bro?? :cray:
  17. I remember when i first mc side it was so awkward :rofl: Everything was better. Except those prices
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