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  1. Hey said i ran after first kill :rofl: Nope Chuck Testa :rofl:
  2. Maybe he can't. But I sure Can :spiteful:
  3. Haha :(im done with this thread. Ive proved that im better than him. :aggressive: Bbal when you gonna pvp my shaman :good:
  4. Wait what did he say? :rofl: He didn't even signal me right.... Nice aggro signal :rofl:
  5. you say you're :pleasantry: pro :pleasantry: so your can beat every class. So beat my shaman. Nevertheless you cant even beat my rogue, so... Grow some balls and pvp me one day could ja? :)
  6. Okay so... Basically Hero can beat turtle. But bballman (turtle) can beat hero cause hes a warlock. Hero beat tweek numerous times. Yet turtle and hero scared to pvp me. 8) 8) 8) seems just about right.
  7. Hold a gun to your head, and let me pull the trigger. :mega_shok:
  8. kissing nipples isnt gay. Its a signal of peace in many cultures >:D :spiteful:
  9. Dont mean to infere with the agruing but you should use google tranlate so we can understand you a bit better if your offended ill kiss your nipple :good: Edit: Male you beat me too it :lol:
  10. :bad: :bad: If I must I shall :bad: :bad:
  11. Stop the arguing ill kiss all your.nipples for.peace :yahoo: especiallys kiyomi and sapp :tease: :spiteful:
  12. Ill kiss all your nipples and sing you guys a lullabyee ;) whaterever it takes for peace. :spiteful:
  13. you ran across the map three times. Would your lock like to face my shaman? Or your rogue to face mine? Then itll be fair match ups ;)
  14. Noone can beat my rogue i now have 14.9% penet i hit max on everything O:-)
  15. This basically sums it all up.. Honestly i feel bad for the elves and mc are ruining the fun of everyone on elf side. You elves need to take a stand and use your population for a advantage. I know mc are growing but this is just a phase. Its easy to sit back and caravan and ignore it but come on now man up.. :nea: Im sure 80% of these elves are afk
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