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  1. Excuses :bad: :bad: :bad: atleast when i die I admit to it
  2. im not gonna search though 60 pages to find your ugly ass :facepalm: and btw :blush:
  3. Post a picture... i wanna laugh :rofl:
  4. All i hear is dhfhfbfnfjfjdjdjfj penis djdjdififififfifififisisk Get lost? Yeah ducking right Someones getting serious :spiteful:
  5. I guess my Bd's +6 kris was very lucky cause i used 3 sets still the same :crazy: +7 isnt a very hard amp to get to either... Even with +7 i still kill +8's and 9's Hero if you did actually play for so long you should atleast be okay at the game by now. Either way that doesnt despite the fact that you can't beat me. When you atleast think you can..pm me. :good: Good luck in the future!! :spiteful:
  6. did she really say GM make me win? Lmfao. That's the most lamest excuse i've ever heard. Talk about jealousy :lol: i already shamed your ''Boyfriend''. You wanna be next? :spiteful: Or am I trolling? :aggressive:
  7. Noob? Me? Nono. All my mcs kill you 3 hits. ;) And hero get your virtual girlfriend. :facepalm: Psh noob? Who the hell does she think shes dealing with? :facepalm:
  8. Nastyburp

    Clan: TSP

    1½ :pardon: how about you?
  9. Nastyburp

    Clan: TSP

    i know him from a while back on elf. Ive played longer than you think ;)
  10. I'll gladly give you a (-) Treat it like its your last :spiteful:
  11. Nastyburp

    Clan: TSP

    So this is the real thizzin? Where you been bro? :friends:
  12. Hahaha or are you being trolled :spiteful: ;)
  13. Step 1: When rogue uses dodge signal and you use yours, use illusionory chains as your first move to push them back Step 2: By then the Rouge would have gouged you letting your chains reset. If you are unstuned and the Rogue is still invisible try using Time Warp where you are standing. If that doesnt work i suggest you wait till he/she attacks you and you use chains again. Step 3: Use Rock Storm next time he gets close to you. Depending on the Rogues hp it should be low and you finish him off with a power blast 8) Ps: Use power blast whenever its availible. Good Luck! This is mainly what i do to take them down usually 2300-2800hp.
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