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  1. Why didn't I think of that
  2. I would love it if they did that! ;D +
  3. This gets me pissed also im getting attacked by a boar and a dude comes and takes it :bad:
  4. If so....Why are you losing to me.. ;D
  5. Man there was 3 ppl left.... I had to get down to buisness.... Didnt have much time.... Went in for the kill.... GOt my props from it.. 8)
  6. Never thought i'd see the day.. ;D
  7. Nastyburp

    Rogue stats xD

    **UPDATE** Read the pic names to see which set
  8. :rofl: R0land is awsome don't kill his vibe :bomb:
  9. can we have a crack sessionagain cause i always beat you every time :spiteful:
  10. K ONE SEC DATA CHACH :fool:
  11. Anytime anywhere lets go
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