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  1. Please change name to NastyGod
  2. Few years before the Chosen and Forsaken joined the war there was a young boy named Ashalar he was very lonely in Nadir. His Father was always out selling his mechantdise all day, and was barely coming home. His Mom took care of him and was really all he had. So one day the boy had nothing to do, and felt lonely and it made him want to sneak out of Nadir and try to find some friends. He reached the Central Part of Nadir. He needed to find a way to distract the guards because kids are not allowed to go out of the city without a Guardian. Ashalar picks up a small rock and tosses it past the guard causing him to turn around. He dashed as fast as he could! He then made it out undetected. He was walking down the stony path then heard elves drawing thier bows & swords swifting through the thin air, then a powerful roar. He runs to a bush nearby an area full of daemons. He then sees a large red cat, its fur was red as lava, eyes fierce like they were full of fire.Everything became still andvery quiet. Ashalar is trying his best to not alert anyone or anything. Schrrrrnnn. A rogue had came behind and stabbed the elf. A band of Mountain Clan warriors rose and attacked the elves! Whilst they are fighting Ashalar sneaks quiety around. Ashalar realizes that the arrow penetrated before it melted. The cat was very badly injured he tries to lift the cat but its skin burns his hands the cat then falls over. Then tears rolled down his eyes, he didnt know why he was crying or why he came for the cat. He then sadly turned away, and an elf warrior tried hitting the boy! The boy ducked and tried running, but a daemon was blocking his way. He didnt know what to do, The cat rose and struck the elf warrior. Ashalar was in parrell, struck with fear, the cat looked at him then made a powerful roar. Frightening the Elven and Mountain Clan making them run in fear and ending the Ruthless battle. The elven were shouting "We will get the Fire Predators fur and you wont stop us!" Years upon years , Ashalar and the cat are loyal to one another he brings it food everyday and even talks to it sometimes. He is no longer lonely he has a friend and his spirit will live on inside the cat for an internity. Ashalar then grows up and as he is telling his children the exact same story.... He told the kids the Elven had called it Fire Predator, but I call it a friend.
  3. Me and Godswraths made our accounts togdther you ducking idiot. His padin is Godsfury i made Godsmage I see why you didnt get accepted backinto Pern Everyone deserves a second chance my ass! :rofl:
  4. I have alot of follower...For example, Godsrange ::) :bad:
  5. No you misunderstood when the button is there it says this...
  6. Will Sponserpay For Pc Work In Us?
  7. LOOLOOOOOLOOLOLOLOOLOL Fakest? ive been playing this since 2009. Lmfao are you kidding me im crying so hard from ur lack of intelligence...Dont assume ur better cause you won 1/5 lmfao. Oops i peed :bad:
  8. Are you dumb...That statement was not directed towards you and in that pic my gouge fail dont forget ;D
  9. LMFAO i was playing with you i had my lvl 17 ASTRAL GEAR ON xD didnt notice till when i went to help chainless right after the fight :blush: . Anyway you're still 1-5 so dont get wet :rofl:
  10. Lmfao but my rogue wooped your ass 5 times in a row so how does that work :wacko: All you do is talk shit and get wooped like herobrine :bad: You suck ass at this game you have lvl 17/18 gear while i have lvl 15 and i still woop you :spiteful: You're what +8 +9 well im +7 and you still yet seem to have a problem beating me :unknw: Nice try kid you succeeded at being a noob..Congratulations ;D
  11. This faggot is not me fk off ;)
  12. Noone topped my record yet i did chainless in 1h 54m ;)
  13. I love all of these achievements :give_rose: I Hope they get put in :\
  14. I'll do it only if i can get bd recruit newbie gear ;)
  15. Nastyburp

    Rogue stats xD

    I know a pig that can fly :) MADNESS!!!
  16. [shadow=red,left]Trust me when i say there's way to many people after my rouge that's why i play my mage i love trolling in caravans i get many mean pms about how they cant get there quests done. i say "Kill me ;D " and then eventually get ignored :blush: then later get pmed again :facepalm: [/shadow]
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