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  1. hahaha mmmk thanks lady :friends good to know someone realized:
  2. :blush: Just wanna see who I actually have to deal with in the future of this game :blush:
  3. Nope right here with you time :dirol:
  4. good to know your statisfied :good: :rofl:
  5. asks why everyone hates me? ducked you over for 5 set signs? My dad hates me? :facepalm: :facepalm: You have a wierd fantasy bro, tell another story im enjoying this :spiteful:
  6. That would be nice maybe kill 100 elves and name would be Nastyburp the Elf Destroyer;D
  7. this guy speaks truth i dont like people who act like pvprange and coolcatkid cocky assholes if you ask me just saying :good:
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