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  1. Yeah man coolcatkids failing to realize I dont care what he says so theres really no point of commenting on my status hes like a stalker commenting on everything that has something ti do with me kid needs to step off :facepalm:
  2. this fake cause the 731! crit cut off nice try bro :clapping: ;D
  3. i am Godsdagger/Godsmage Stop Asking Kay? Don't get me mixed up EVER AGAIN WITH COOLCATKID/GODSWRATHS/GODSFURY Im nastyburp, godsmage, nastyfartt, and godsdagger...so dont get me mixed up :diablo:
  4. Once i learn to move it shall be done ;)
  5. ROFLMFAOLOL i Cried when i read that :lol: :lol: :rofl:
  6. Hey Blue maybe they should add us to the "Creation Station" for the game :rofl:
  7. Both of you are WRONG What if your partner dont get on all day, huh then what you not gonna arena? And as for you tuby if you random theres a chance you'll get stuck with a noob partner for all 5 ticks... Clearly you're to concided to realize the problem in both of what you saying..your not always right okay? :diablo:
  8. Why Thank You :blush: soon i +1 You
  9. Nastyburp


    Meh, sometimes i log right in sometimes i leave my computer on for 10 mins it connects be jeez fix this...
  10. just getting everyone pumped :blush:
  11. Hollllyyyy luuuuu yahhhhh praise praise praise :rofl: :clapping: lets start a riottttt :give_rose: even though what your doing is very risky of getting bannned like rue its time we stick it to them because im actually thinking of quitting but a few people are keeping me here... :drinks:
  12. I respect pvprange :give_rose: but he knows if he sees me while ganking others his noobs and himself are going down :dirol:
  13. Please fix this isuse because sometimes I wanna play and keep waiting on connection till it times it selfs out and says cannot connect to server when I have 100% internet connection...
  14. A clan for just killing elves count me in zythus asap even though I work best alone
  15. Chili Hotdog Beans And Fries Oh My , Oh my this guys fine :clapping: . Only problem is, What if devs make it cost Coins to go inside ( :diablo: Read this Snorlax :diablo: ) FREE PVP!!!! [glow=red,2,300]Devs Should Atleast Consider This... :bad: [/glow]
  16. You're very wrong....If your arena partner isnt on go find someone else who may wanna help you :facepalm: :aggressive:
  17. Welcome to the dark side :spiteful: :friends:
  18. Yay more amping gold :yahoo: Let's get this party started :spiteful:
  19. Buying Doom swords and/or doom axe/longsword.. :give_rose:
  20. Anyone have doom swords pm me....or have a 2h doom long sword, message nastyburp/nastyfartt. (Not nastygas). Thanks ;)
  21. No, first you introduce new items all players happy...THEN BOOM I GET 75Arena points for 5 straight wins? NO I CALL BULLSHIT CHANGE IT BACK!! >:D :facepalm:
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