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  1. Send a ticket to support :friends:
  2. Nastyburp


    He did that last night :unknw: so wierd :rofl:
  3. You are very annoying ya'know? I AM RIGHT? :facepalm:
  4. Nastyburp


    Did you fill in all valid infomation? And recieve the credit score from a phone call or text? If not thats probally why you didnt receive
  5. I hate it when im in arena or pvp cave and they hit me while im invisible I rage quit and makes me wanna throw my phone on the wall :facepalm: turn it off please
  6. My highest crit 1523 :bad:
  7. dont mind me, trying to reach 50 posts :spiteful:
  8. Guys I think its best to just do 2x2 for costume but thats a whole nother year :facepalm:
  9. Nastyburp

    Photo Spam

    Wheres Jess she has'nt commented >:D :pardon:
  10. Dont think devs will fix error till christmas :crazy:
  11. :shok: damn okay :blush: sowwie :rofl: theres Lots of thing you dont know about me either 8)
  12. Nastyburp

    Photo Spam

    haha isnt pvprange enough for the two girls :rofl:
  13. zhu you better run as fast as you can theres a pedo after you :rofl: but leave my master alone wierdo >:D
  14. Nastyburp

    Photo Spam

    True who said nerds couldnt look pretty damn good :rofl: :give_rose:
  15. Nastyburp

    Photo Spam

    I know you all are curious to see what I look like :dirol: soon, I need to get my hands on a SD card :bad: as for zhu ane lady you too are a bit too pretty to be playing this game, but I guess not all people are ''unattractive'' behind the screen.
  16. Blue its an eu thing, probally why you dont understand ;D
  17. Nastyburp

    Rap "Battles"

    I kill all elves with my +7acute blade Cutting thier ears off lettin them cry in pain They pm me about stupid shit But I let all elves know they my ♥♥♥♥♥ :dirol:
  18. Holidays are soon..let them have break then :cray: gettin pissed I cant talk to certain people...
  19. Well, its been weeks that I couldnt log in properly... :crazy: so when is this gonna be fixed :aggressive:
  20. Snorlax mind moving this to ssuggestions? :good:
  21. Speak better english please i can barely understand :facepalm:
  22. Good Ideas but man if they consider this i'll be happy :give_rose:
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